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On July 12, 2022 By Bernd Mueller

Reddit: Is the Incantation Movie Cursed? Fans Wonder if Incantation is Safe to Watch!

Netflix viewers are asking on Reddit if the Incantation movie is actually cursed and whether or not it is safe...
On July 12, 2022 By Steve Goodman

Dahei Mother Buddha From Incantation Movie: Mother Buddha's Evil Curse Explained!

Fans wonder about Incantation’s Dahei Mother Buddha and the taboo Taiwanese evil curse. In the movie, members of the cult...
On July 12, 2022 By Natalia Ramanova

Black Nose From Incantation Movie: In Memory of Black Nose Meaning Explained!

Incantation viewers on Netflix are wondering who Black Nose is after the movie ended with a card that read "In...
On July 8, 2022 By Claire Thompson

Stranger Things: Is Surfer Boy Pizza’s Number Real? Is It Available on Walmart & Target?

As Argyle (played by actor Eduardo Franco) works at Surfer Boy Pizza, Season 4 of Stranger Things also displays the...
On July 7, 2022 By Bernd Mueller

Stranger Things 4 Government Assigned Kin Quiz: What Stranger Things Character Are You?

Stranger Things 4 Government Assigned Kin Quiz is basically an assignment/game created by uQuiz to know your matching character from...
On July 7, 2022 By Natalia Ramanova

Adak Island Gold Coin Value: How Much Does the Treasure Buried by Gregory Dwargstof Worth in 2022?

The gold coins that captain Gregory Dwargstof buried on Adak Island have a value/worth of $365 million in 2022. Netflix's...
On July 3, 2022 By Marvin Cummings

Reddit: Why Did Eddie Munson Have to Die? What Killed Him? Death Scene & Last Words!

Eddie Munson, played by Joseph Quinn, is a new character in Netflix's Stranger Things Season 4. He died while battling...
On July 1, 2022 By Natalia Ramanova

Do They Find Gold on Pirate Gold of Adak Island? 2 Gold Pieces Found, Reddit & History; Spoilers Ahead!

Pirate Gold of Adak Island on Netflix is a reality show about a mayor and 4 experts going on a...
On July 1, 2022 By Marvin Cummings

Is Pirate Gold of Adak Island Fake or Real? Did Gregory Dwargstof Really Hide His Treasure? Spoilers Ahead!

Many Reddit users wonder if Pirate Gold of Adak Island on Netflix is fake or real after knowing the gold...
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