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Dahei Mother Buddha From Incantation Movie: Mother Buddha's Evil Curse Explained!

Jul 12, 2022 @ 9:24 EDT
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Dahei Mother Buddha From Incantation Movie: Mother Buddha's Evil Curse Explained!

Fans wonder about Incantation’s Dahei Mother Buddha and the taboo Taiwanese evil curse. In the movie, members of the cult worship a malevolent statue. Those in the sect recite an incantation and make a hand gesture that draws the Mother Buddha's curse onto them.

If you enjoyed The Ring or any of the frightening original horrors from East Asia, Incantation might be for you. The Netflix horror is based on a sacred curse, and we explain how it relates to the Mother Buddha.

Taiwanese movie Incantation, helmed by Kevin Ko for Netflix with playwright Chang Che-wei, presents a curse that delivers sickness to the unfortunate victim, and spectators are asked to help the narrator cure her daughter's affliction.

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Incantation Movie: Dahei Mother Buddha's Evil Curse!

The Dahei Mother Buddha curse is presented by Ronan, the lead character of Incantation, who requests the public for assistance and urges them to recall a certain emblem and chant: "Hou-ho-xiu-yi, si-sei-wu-ma."

The curse was caused by a ceremony conducted six years ago in the Chen clan hamlet by Ronan, Dom, and Yuan, in which the tribe was worshipping a Mother Buddha sculpture concealed behind a curtain and was requested to give the divinity their names.

The dramatic finale of the film shows that the statue is the origin of the curse, and the more individuals who come under the curse, the less the powers of the curse are, and the incantation also tends to minimize the intensity of the curse's consequences.

The person who lifted the veil hiding Dahei Mother Buddha's face dies a horrific death, and Ronan asks the audience to enter their name before she eliminates it herself.

Incantation is currently streaming on Netflix.

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