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Has Wendy Williams Had a Nose Job? Then and Now Photos Examined

Mar 6, 2024 @ 10:57 EST
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Has Wendy Williams Had a Nose Job? Then and Now Photos Examined

Comparing Wendy Williams' then (old) and now photos, she has a comparatively thinner nasal bridge, confirming she has had a nose job. 

Wendy Williams is an American former broadcaster, media personality, and writer who presented 'The Wendy Williams Show'. Before television, she worked as a radio DJ and host, soon becoming renowned in New York City as a shock jock. She then became well-known for her on-air spats with celebrities and was the focus of the 2006 VH1 reality television series. The Wendy Williams Experience.'

She has also written several books, toured her comedy show, and launched her own product lines, which include a fashion brand, a jewelry collection, and a wig line. She was even honored in the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009. Furthermore, the council of Asbury Park, New Jersey, renamed Wendy Williams Way, the street where she grew up on her 50th birthday.

However, with all the gain in fame, Wendy Williams has also received a lot of criticism throughout her career, especially due to her plastic surgery enhancement. Among all, her nose job has been the most discussed procedure. Well, here's everything we know about her changing appearance.

Examining Wendy Williams’ Nose Job With Her Then and Now Photos!

It is very obvious that Wendy Williams has received a nose job as her nose appears significantly thinner in her then and now photos. It is possible to achieve these comparable outcomes with a professional makeup artist's talents alone, creating the illusion of a different-sized nose, but a nose job is one of the common possibilities.

Wendy Williams before and after a nose job. netflixdeed.comWendy Williams before and after a nose job. 
Image Source: Getty Image

To let you know a nose job, also known as Rhinoplasty, is simply a surgical procedure for reshaping the nose. However, it may also help a person breathe after an injury. The procedure can widen or thin the nose, modify the tip, or straighten any crookedness. But in the case of the former American broadcaster, it appears that she must have received it to minimize the size of her nose.

However, there is no conclusive answer to this topic because Wendy Williams has never admitted or denied having plastic surgery on her nose. Many people feel she has had work done, as her nose appears considerably thinner and straighter than it did in previous images. If the actress did get her nose done, she would probably be very pleased with the results.

The American broadcaster's success is an excellent illustration of what not to do with a silver spoon. Many individuals have criticized her for claiming to appear unnatural and artificial. She never regretted getting the implants, even though many people thought she had gone far. After giving birth to her baby, she chose to reshape her tummy with liposuction. Her doctor left a scar on her lower stomach, which led to her obtaining a tattoo.

Compared to her old photos, Wendy Williams' cheeks appear larger now that some implants have been placed in them. She was able to make such a major mistake and still come out on top, showing her natural aptitude and ability to promote herself. Her skill is unlimited, and I'm excited to see what she comes up with next.

Besides a Nose Job, Wendy Williams Also Has Had Breast Implants!

In addition to a nose job, Wendy Williams has received several other plastic surgery procedures, including breast implants. She previously disclosed to her on-air listeners that she had breast implants. Her candor in her revelation demonstrates her trust that her audience would respect the truth.

Wendy Williams appearance after breast implants. netflixdeed.comWendy Williams appearance after breast implants.
Image Source: Instagram

She also confessed that she had liposuction as an easy way to decrease clothing sizes. She believed that her physique should have the same star power as her radio presence. It remains to be known whether she will undergo further breast augmentation.

Well, it's quite straightforward. In most cases, it is performed as an outpatient operation in the US. Typically, the patient is given general anesthesia before having a bag put below the chest muscles on each breast. The sack is then filled with saline or silicon solution.

This is a rather safe surgery, and the implants typically last up to 20 years. In the previous two decades, there have been numerous implant failures that can result in infection and, of course, repeated surgeries, which is the most serious issue with implants. If the implants are primarily for cosmetic purposes, most insurance companies will not pay for the treatment.

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