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Muni Long’s Shocking Look Before Getting a Nose Job

Jun 26, 2024 @ 3:04 EDT
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Muni Long’s Shocking Look Before Getting a Nose Job

Muni Long didn't look the same before getting a nose job as well as some other cosmetic treatments. Her nose used to be flat and broad, covering up almost all of her face, but her most recent photos show that the procedure has narrowed it down with an uplift at the end.

Priscilla Renea Hamilton, professionally known as Muni Long, is a 35-year-old American singer and songwriter from Gifford, Florida. She became part of Capitol Records under her birth name to release her first studio album, 'Jukebox', which received excellent reviews but did not perform well in the charts.

She then spent the next decade writing songs for other artists, including the hit singles, 'Promise This for Cheryl', 'California King Bed for Rihanna', 'Worth It' for Fifth Harmony', 'Love So Soft for Kelly Clarkson', 'Imagine for Ariana Grande', 'Who Says for Selena Gomez' & the 'Scene', and the global hit 'Timber' for Pitbull.

Meanwhile, many people are aware about Muni Long's tranformation after receiving multiple plastic surgery procedures, including a nose job. Meanwhile, we have recently found that many people are curious to know how she looked before getting a nose job. Well, we've got you covered.

Muni Long Before a Nose Job: The Procedure Has Completely Transformed Her Flat and Broad Nose Into a Thin and Smaller One With an Uplift!

Muni Long had a flat and broad nose before getting a nose job but it has changed into a thin and smaller one after the procedure. However, the unexpected adjustments have caused a lot of controversy on the internet.

Muni Long before and after a nose job. netflixdeed.comMuni Long before and after a nose job.
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However, the 35-year-old American singer's nose job enhancement, combined with other probably plastic surgery procedures such as Botox, face fillers, and lip filler, as well as evident weight loss results, appear incredible and stunning. She has transformed from an ordinary and typical girl to a wonderful and lovely woman.

Likely, Muni Lon has also increased her self-esteem and confidence while expressing her personality and flair through music and clothes. She has emerged as one of the most successful and influential R&B musicians of her generation, inspiring countless fans and aspiring singers. However, it is vital to understand that she is a private individual who has not spoken about herself before or after the transformation.

Maybe seeing Muni Long without makeup would be different, but one thing is certain: her nose has changed drastically over the past year. If you compare her appearance before and after her nose job, you'll notice a significant difference. Along with her smaller nose, she has a larger lip, and her other facial traits are probably adjusted. However, the truth is yet to be disclosed.

Along With a Nose Job, Muni Long’s Plastic Surgery Such as Botox, Face Fillers, and Lip Enhancements Have Drastically Transformed Her

In the age of plastic surgery and ever-changing beauty standards, it is wonderful to meet people who embrace their true selves. Muni Long wins her fans' hearts not just with her musical abilities, but also with her dedication to self-acceptance and real beauty. Her path before plastic surgery explores the transformational power of self-acceptance and the necessity of appreciating one's unique traits.

Muni Long's look is all about plastic surgery. netflixdeed.comMuni Long's look is all about plastic surgery.
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Early in her career, as Priscilla Renea, she wowed audiences with her angelic voice, girl-next-door approach, and natural attractiveness. The Florida native has a kind, expressive face with large, downturned eyes, strong cheekbones, a broad nose, and a glowing complexion. Photoshoot outtakes highlight her clean, beautiful skin and bright eyes, which require no makeup.

Likely, Muni Long's subtle lipstick and absence of contouring convey an honest fresh-faced beauty. She was presenting her natural talent first, followed by her image. Her large nose with a rounded tip complemented her facial size. Her plump lips and mouth area sparked no surgical suspicion. Her attractiveness came from her confidence rather than physical changes.

Currently, the singer-songwriter is in her mid-30s but has radiant, flawless skin that defies her age. This suggests laser treatments, chemical peels, and skin tightening procedures. Her nose also appears thinned at the bridge, which is the result of a nose job or creative shaping procedure.

But to let you know, Muni Long's brilliant eyes, beaming grin, and confident approach have not changed. Rather than drastically changing her features, her face has been enhanced to reflect her youthful beauty. Natural wrinkles, laugh lines, and some drooping skin remain present, as one would anticipate with maturity.

While nonsurgical treatments cannot be ruled out, her facial structure appears to be consistent with her earlier profession. Instead of reshaping her, any work simply preserves and enhances her innate brightness. Her up-to-date but recognizable face reflects graceful aging.

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