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On March 4, 2024 By Claire Thompson

Is Matthew From Love Is Blind Season 6 Autistic?

Matthew from Love Is Blind season 6 appears to be autistic based on his frequent and unexpected exits from the...
On February 25, 2024 By Claire Thompson

Why is "Gordon Cormier Gay" Trending?

Gordon Cormier's sexuality remains unconfirmed amidst persistent "gay" rumors. He has not publicly addressed the speculations. The world of Hollywood...
On February 23, 2024 By Claire Thompson

Chelsea From Love Is Blind Is Rumored to Be Trans

Chelsea from Love is Blind has recently been the subject of rumors and speculation suggesting that she might be trans....
On February 23, 2024 By Bernd Mueller

Did Jeremy Cheat With Sarah Ann?

It seems Jeremy cheated on Laura with Sarah Ann as he was hesitant when talking about spending the night with...
On January 28, 2024 By Claire Thompson

Italian Delicacies to Be Blamed for Kevin Hart’s Weight Gain!

Kevin Hart recently revealed that he underwent some weight gain while filming Lift, eating Itlaina delicacies in Italy. But soon...
On January 14, 2024 By Natalia Ramanova

Is Bryce Lee From The Trust Transgender?

No, Bryce Lee from The Trust is not transgender. He identifies himself as non-binary with the pronouns he/him. According to...
On January 7, 2024 By Steve Goodman

Exploring Michelle Keegan’s Ethnicity, Parents & Nationality!

Michelle Keegan from Netflix's Fool Me Once is of mixed ethnicity. While her father, Michael, is of English descent with...
On December 19, 2023 By Natalia Ramanova

Who Are Ebraheem Al Samadi’s Parents? Mother’s Name & Ethnicity!

Talking about Ebraheem Al Samadi's parents, he was born on January 15, 1988, to his father, Husni Al Samadi, and...
On December 19, 2023 By Marvin Cummings

Ebraheem Al Samadi Yet to Share Picture of His Wife, Hamdah

Ebraheem Al Samadi from Dubai Bling announced his marriage to his wife, Hamdah, in March of this year. But he...
On December 10, 2023 By Marvin Cummings

Who Is Cast as Baby Miles in Family Switch?

Lincoln and Theodore Sykes (twins) are cast as baby Miles in Family Switch. They are identical twin brothers who were...
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