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Is Bryce Lee From The Trust Transgender?

Jan 14, 2024 @ 3:50 EST
Is Bryce Lee From The Trust Transgender?

No, Bryce Lee from The Trust is not transgender. He identifies himself as non-binary with the pronouns he/him. According to him, he is a male presenting and even has a girlfriend named Kayla Bent.

Netflix's The Trust: A Game of Greed is a show you should not miss due to its very fascinating inter-player dynamics. From massive sums of money to nail-biting loyalty tests, there's plenty to keep you on the edge of your seat as the participants try to win it all.

In Season 1, each contestant embarked on their adventure, including Bryce Lee, who became popular while overcoming a difficulty that few predicted. Given his significant role in the show, it's not surprising that some of them are interested in his actual sexuality, wondering if he's transgender. Well, let's find out the truth.

The Trust: Bryce Lee Is Not Transgender!

Bryce Lee (@itsbrycelee) is not trans as he identifies himself as a non-binary. The Trust star goes with the pronouns he/him. And if you recall, when Simone Stewart tells him that her oldest child Kay uses they/them pronouns and is non-binary, he appears relieved that he has found an ally. Although we don't get to see their whole conversation unfold, he tells her, "I knew we were meant to talk. I'm male presenting so I have the privilege of saying he/him."

Bryce Lee from The Trust is not trans. netflixdeed.comBryce Lee from The Trust is not trans.
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Later, Simone informs him that she is unsure about his pronouns, but believes that people just need to be who they wanna be. Bryce then confesses in a confessional that people make assumptions about him based on his demeanor and appearance. He admits,

When you are a very energetic person and very flamboyant person and I talk with my hands a lot, sometimes people judge that. And however people perceive me is the way that they want to judge the book by the cover. You know I'm very confident in who I am and there's only one Bryce Lee.

To let you know, Bryce Lee is currently in a very happy relationship with his long-term girlfriend, Kayla Bent. They met in high school and have been dating since February 17, 2017. Furthermore, the couple frequently post images of themselves on social media and appear to love each other's company.

Take a Look at Bryce Lee’s Journey on The Trust: A Game of Greed!

Bryce Lee rapidly immersed himself in The Trust: A Game of Greed by making as many relationships as possible. However, he became concerned about his status in the house when the candidates discovered that one of them was a millionaire. It turned out that he had amassed such amazing riches thanks to his employment as a realtor, but he was scared that admitting this would make others want to destroy him. As a result, he chose to keep it a secret for the time being.

Bryce Lee is a real estate broker at John L Scott Lake Tapps. netflixdeed.comBryce Lee is a real estate broker at John L Scott Lake Tapps.
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The show's youngest cast member had to make several difficult decisions during his first few days in the residence. He was part of the second duo, together with Gaspare Randazzo (@standuprandazzo), to go to the vault and choose one of two options. They could either keep $5,000 apiece and vote out the same individual in the next ceremony, or they may forfeit $10,000 from the trust and save someone in the next ceremony. Jacob "Jake" Chocholous picked Bryce to go to the vault, claiming that he did so because his vote had been taken away during the first trust ceremony.

During the second trust ceremony, Bryce Lee and Gaspare ultimately chose Julie Theis to save despite losing a total of $10,000. He had to go to the vault again not long after, which he despised. He and Jake could choose to keep $10,000 each if someone went home during the next ceremony, or they could choose to add $2,000 to the trust for every individual who did not vote during the next ceremony.

When Bryce and Jake returned from the vault, they informed everyone that they had chosen the second choice, and no one on the team ended up voting for anyone, adding $18,000 to the trust. He resolved to declare to everyone that he was the hidden millionaire among them, bolstered by the trust shown by the contestants. This seemed to irritate many people, including Julie and Tol Ekundare, who believed that his coming from a wealthy family and having money of his own was not fair to those who appeared to need the trust money more.

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