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Is Matthew From Love Is Blind Season 6 Autistic?

Mar 4, 2024 @ 5:48 EST
Is Matthew From Love Is Blind Season 6 Autistic?

Matthew from Love Is Blind season 6 appears to be autistic based on his frequent and unexpected exits from the pods during conversations, as well as his strange behavior. 

Love Is Blind is a Netflix reality series that follows a social experiment in which unmarried men and women search for love and become engaged before meeting in person. Each season's episodes are broadcast over three or four weeks, followed by a reunion special and three 'After the Altar' episodes released months later. The series had a high viewership and earned largely positive reviews from critics.

The sixth season of Netflix's show features love stories that fans will remember for a long time. Even while the show's highlighted engaged couples are frequently its main focus, several other cast members manage to hold the interest of viewers even after they leave the show single. This includes Matthew Duliba, whose time in the pods resulted in many interesting revelations and heartbreaks.

However, Matthew has recently caught viewers' attention with speculation about his autism spectrum diagnosis based on his behavior and way of speaking on the show. So, is the Love is Blind season 6 cast really autistic? Well, here's what we know.

Love Is Blind Season 6: Is Matthew Autistic?

Matthew Duliba from Love Is Blind season 6 showed unusual behavior several times on the show; so unusual that many believe he is autistic.

Many Love Is Blind season 6 viewers are convinced that Matthew is autistic. netflixdeed.comMany Love Is Blind season 6 viewers are convinced that Matthew is autistic.
Source: Netflix

Fans wonder if he has autism based on his comments on the show. They noticed that he exhibited some of the features that may be suggestive of ASD. Furthermore, he stated that he was not adept at discussing his sentiments. This could indicate his trouble with emotional communication, which is common among those on the autism spectrum.

Similarly, Matthew's tight, brusque, and awkward conversation style stood out dramatically from the other participants' open emotional openness. However, there is no evidence or official information about his autistic spectrum disorder or other related conditions.

Likely, he has neither verified nor rejected this diagnosis, and it is inappropriate to draw inferences about his health without his consent. As a result, it is crucial not to draw inferences about individuals based on inadequate data. Furthermore, his appearance on the Love Is Blind show gives Autistic viewers insufficient information to estimate his neurodevelopmental status.

People can exhibit a wide range of behaviors and characteristics on television. Also, keep in mind that what you see on television may not exactly reflect someone's real life or health. Unless Matthew hasn't freely declared his autism, all comments about it are improper.

Examining Matthew’s Autistic Behavior in Love Is Blind Season 6 in Depth

Due to his alleged autistic behavior, Matthew Duliba might be the most controversial participant in Love Is Blind season 6. The 37-year-old senior financial advisor was portrayed as a stern figure who appears unwilling to open up. His initial pod dates were also awkward, as he tried to strike up a conversation with many ladies.

He was even seen walking out of the pods midway through a date with Sarah Ann, seemingly bored with what she was talking about. Likely, in several scenes shown in the men's quarters, he appeared unable to communicate on a friendly level with his fellow candidates, dismissing their attempts to figure out which ladies he was connecting with within the pods.

Matthew has never addressed whether or not he is autistic. netflixdeed.comMatthew has never addressed whether or not he is autistic.
Source: Instagram

However, Matthew eventually connects with someone who takes him out of his shell: former dancer, Amber Desiree "AD" Smith. The two have an odd, opposites-attract bond. He even suggests that he's ready to propose to her. But everything comes crashing down unexpectedly and dramatically.

In the women's quarters, AD discovers from Amber Grant, that Matthew was dating her in the pods and, most egregiously, said practically identical things to both of them. She then decides to leave Love Is Blind when she discovers his similar overtures to AD. Meanwhile, he stated he wasn't saying the same things to both ladies and left the show after telling AD he couldn't commit to the plan she wanted.

Before deciding to leave, Matthew said to AD, "It hurts because I've never felt the way I did with you before. But you know, America, they do love a good underdog and they do love comebacks. I think I now got the entire country of America on my side." Later, back in the men's quarters, he made a dramatic announcement that he was going to get Amber, allowing AD to accept Clay Gravesande's proposal.

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