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Italian Delicacies to Be Blamed for Kevin Hart’s Weight Gain!

Jan 28, 2024 @ 10:16 EST
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Italian Delicacies to Be Blamed for Kevin Hart’s Weight Gain!

Kevin Hart recently revealed that he underwent some weight gain while filming Lift, eating Itlaina delicacies in Italy. But soon after, he held himself back and began doing light exercise since he knew it wouldn't look well in an action movie. Currently, he seems better than ever.

Kevin Hart is an American comedian and actor who made his debut in Judd Apatow's television series, Undeclared. He has since appeared in films such as Paper Soldiers, Scary Movie 3, Soul Plane, In the Mix, Little Fockers, Grudge Match the Jumanji film franchise, and Night School.

However, Kevin Hart has recently been a highlight due to his drastic change in appearance since appearing on Netflix's Lift. Many viewers claimed he looked heavier than before. As a result, they are curious to know the reason behind his weight gain transformation. Well, here's what we've discovered.

Kevin Hart’s Filming Schedule in Italy Resulted in His Weight Gain!

As we all know, the Netflix comedy-heist film, Lift, was created under Kevin Hart's (@kevinhart4real) production company, Hartbeat Productions, as part of his massive contract with the streaming service. According to the actor/producer, he underwent weight gain at the time as a result of eating a lot of delicious Italian food, including pasta, pizza, and wine,  while filming the Netflix original production.

Kevin Hart underwent weight gain while filming for Lift in Italy. netflixdeed.comKevin Hart underwent weight gain while filming for Lift in Italy.
Image Source: US Weekly

Since the Netflix film was shot in Italy, there were plenty of eye-pleasing views and delicious food to enjoy. On the other side, the Fatherhood actor spoke with USA Today about how contradictory it was to be in a country with delicious food while filming Lift. However, with his weight gain presenting as a challenge while filming, many wonder if he discussed it in his action star group chat.

Kevin Hart had already told them about his newest injury, which occurred while attempting to race former NFL running back Stevan Ridley at a party. They sympathized with the star's injuries and gave him recuperation advice, so we're curious what they'd tell the Netflix actor about how to endure yearning for the delicious food you're surrounded by while filming on location.

Later, Kevin Hart went on to tell in the interview that he found the motivation to get back on the treadmill. However, due to his injuries, he stated that he exercised at a low speed. This isn't surprising given that the Ride Along actor continued to work out hard despite his car accident injuries. It is easy to use overeating or injury as an excuse to avoid exercise.

Fortunately, the founder of Hartbeat Productions understood the value of self-care without overdoing it. Despite gaining some Italian food weight while filming Lift, he was able to muster the willpower to reduce his portions and resume his treadmill workouts. According to him, he was in the best shape in his life while filming the Netflix show.

Tasha K Wins a Legal Victory by Retaining the Right to Publish Her Interview With Kevin Hart’s Former Assistant, Miesha Shakes!

YouTube vlogger, Tasha K, also known as Latasha Kebe, won a legal battle against comic actor, Kevin Hart this week. The verdict is related to an interview Kebe conducted with Hart's former personal assistant, Miesha Shakes, which Hart attempted to delete from her pay-per-view platform.

According to court documents obtained by Rolling Stone, on January 19, Hart filed an emergency petition for a restraining order against Kebe. The petition was based on her interview with Shakes, which he said included defamatory comments and an invasion of privacy.

The Judge rules in favor of YouTube vlogger Tasha K in the Kevin Hart legal lawsuit. netflixdeed.comThe Judge rules in favor of YouTube vlogger Tasha K in the Kevin Hart legal lawsuit.
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The judge questioned Kevin Hart's lawyers about the omission of a transcript of the interview from their petition. Despite allegations by his lawyer, Donte Mills, that they had the transcript, they chose not to submit it for privacy reasons. Mills contended that including the transcript would violate Hart's privacy.

Hart had already sued Kebe and Shakes for defamation, breach of contract, invasion of privacy, and extortion. The lawsuit resulted from Kebe's purported $250,000 demand from Hart to prevent the interview from being released. But Hart refused, and the interview was later made available through Kebe's pay-per-view website.

In the interview, Shakes made charges against Kelvin Hart's personal life, including infidelity. His lawyer contended that, while adultery is morally repugnant, it is not unlawful, thus the accusations were defamatory and showed malice on Kebe and Shakes' behalf.

Judge Beckloff dismissed Mills' arguments and refused Hart's motion for a temporary restraining order. Instead, he recommended his attorneys to make a separate request to submit the transcript under seal, or to seek a preliminary injunction in the ongoing litigation against Kebe and Shakes.

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