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Who Is Cast as Baby Miles in Family Switch?

Dec 10, 2023 @ 10:18 EST
Who Is Cast as Baby Miles in Family Switch?

Lincoln and Theodore Sykes (twins) are cast as baby Miles in Family Switch. They are identical twin brothers who were born in New York, USA, in July 2021 to their parents, Shelby Sykes, and Dan Sykes. 

Netflix's Family Switch, directed by Joseph McGinty Nichol aka McG which stars, Jennifer Garner and Ed Helms as a dynamic duo, depicts the extraordinary makeover of the seemingly normal Walker family. The Walkers' lives are comically upended when a mysterious incident at the Griffith Park Planetarium leads to a cosmic reorganization.

Jess and Bill must face the problems of adolescence, from bullying and soccer games to music, parties, and romance, in the bodies of their teenage children. Meanwhile, CC and Wyatt wrestle with the realities of maturity in a hilariously awry investigation of family dynamics. Based on Amy Krouse Rosenthal's 2010 children's book Bedtime for Mommy, Family Switch weaves a hilarious narrative of identity swaps, rites of passage, and the turmoil that occurs as the nuclear family takes on a whole new meaning.

Since the result of the show, viewers have been fascinated by the role of the child character, Baby Miles, and his performance. As a result, they are curious to know more about the cast who played the role of the baby, including his background. Well, here's what we've discovered.

Family Switch Cast: Lincoln and Theodore Sykes Play Baby Miles in the Netflix Show!

Lincoln and Theodore Sykes (@lincolnandteddy) are the cast who played the role of Baby Miles in Family Switch. By the way, they are identical twins who appeared in the show as the same character but at a separate time. As a result, we couldn't really tell who was who.

Lincoln and Theodore Sykes are the cast behind the role of Baby Miles in Family Switch. netflixdeed.comLincoln and Theodore Sykes are the cast behind the role of Baby Miles in Family Switch.
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According to the information we have, the twin child actors were born in New York, USA, in July 2021 to their parents, Shelby Sykes, and Dan Sykes. However their precise birth date is unknown. But we do know that they are Caucasian | Eastern European | and Mediterranean in ethnicity and of American descent.

Both American kid actors just started out in the lucrative television and film industries. They are quite new to the film industry. "Family Switch," an anticipated comedy and family picture, has been entrusted to director McG and co-writers Victoria Strouse, Adam Sztykiel, and Amy Krouse Rosenthal, who were inspired by a story by Jennifer Garner, Ed Helms, and Emma Myers.

They are between the ages of 6 and 8 and have remarkable cognitive abilities for their age. They are incredibly docile and willing to learn. On IMDb, they have one acting credit. They made appearances in around one movie while working in the film industry in 2023. They are performed live for the first time in 2023, and their significant roles are based on their subsequent roles in other films.

Their acting abilities have improved as a result of their professional experience. They are recently among the promising young Hollywood actors. Furthermore, their success in the film industry, as well as the numerous roles they have portrayed as children, attest to their ability as talented child actors.

An Incestuous Kiss Scene in the New Film Family Switch Has Outraged Netflix Viewers!

The Christmas body-swap picture, Family Switch, was released on the streaming site on December 1 and is presently its most-watched title. In the film directed by McG, an unusual planetary conjunction forces four family members to trade bodies with a married couple becoming their two offspring.

Family Switch was released on the streaming site on December 1. netflixdeed.comFamily Switch was released on the streaming site on December 1.
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The comedy follows the family members as they adjust to their new circumstances and try to figure out how to switch back. However, one moment has sparked fury among Netflix subscribers. It depicts the two children, in their parents' bodies, being forced to kiss in front of their mother's friends at a celebration.

When the daughter, in her mother's body, enters the room to speak with her brother, in his father's body, one of their mother's acquaintances informs them that "couples need a minimum of 12 kisses a day just to sustain a relationship." When another friend notices that there is no spark between the two, he says, "Why don't you guys give a kiss?"

The brother and sister then stand awkwardly in front of their parents' friends, with the irritated sister in her mother's body suggesting to her brother, "I think we have to kiss." Unaware of the bodily switch, their parents' friends begin shouting the word "kiss," with the sister declaring,  “You have to do it. We don’t have a choice here. Just be a man. Do it fast.”

Fighting back their distaste, the couple kisses each other on the lips. Later, the film journalist Courtney Howard wrote on X/Twitter: “Family Switch marks a real low point body-swap comedies as it steals from all others before it without compunction. But you can thank your lucky stars they don’t go for the lowest hanging fruit: incest jokes. Just kidding. Those are there. I had you.”

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