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Reddit: Is Incantation Movie Real? Is It Based on a True Story? Real Footage & the Cursed Family From the Netflix Mockumentary Explained!

Jul 13, 2022 @ 5:19 EDT
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Reddit: Is Incantation Movie Real? Is It Based on a True Story? Real Footage & the Cursed Family From the Netflix Mockumentary Explained!

Many Reddit users wonder if the movie, Incantation, on Netflix is based on a real/true story. Well, the mockumentary is partially based on a real story of a cursed family of Taiwanese cult devotees from Kaohsiung. The director also added the real found footage. Additionally, some fictional elements were also added to the movie. Follow the article to know more about the Incantation movie as everything is explained right below.

Incantation, a Taiwanese horror film on Netflix directed by Kevin Ko, follows Li Ronan, a single mother who seeks to save her little daughter from a deadly curse. Ronan unleashed the curse six years ago when an investigation into a suspicious case went wrong. Viewers gain more information about the curse's beginning as the story goes along.

In the meantime, Ronan makes an effort to break the curse and rescue her daughter's life. The viewer is kept captivated by the horror film's captivating stories, unique concepts, and superb camera work. The complex issues that the Taiwanese movie emphasizes include cults of religion, human perception, and many others.

The audience has an immersive watching experience because of the direction's use of found footage, which makes the events on film extremely scary.

Similarly, many Reddit users of the movie wonder if it is based on a real/true story. Well, the movie itself has already scared me a lot. I would be scared even more if it actually is based on a real/true story. Let's find the truth.

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Reddit: Is Incantation Movie Based on a Real/True Story? Real Footage and the Cursed Family Explained!

We don't intend to scare you, but yes, Incantation on Netflix is inspired by a true story partially. According to director Kevin Ko, the movie was based on a real story of a family of Taiwanese cult devotees from Kaohsiung. He wrote a captivating script with Che-Wei Chang. Ko was then able to add some found footage and allow the actors to break the fourth wall to address the viewer by choosing to record the movie in a mockumentary style.

You might be reminded of some found-footage classic horrors like Paranormal Activity and The Blair Witch Project by the film's distinct tone and all the spooky visuals. Like Incantation, the former is mostly based on a discovered film that features a variety of horrifying situations that were caught on camera.

Although Ko believes that character development is an essential component of any narrative, in addition to the excellent horror sequences that shock the viewer, he had to add some fictional elements to the story in order to make it interesting.

In a Netflix interview from June 2021, Kevin Ko expanded on the essential features of horror films and the continuance of fear in people's thoughts as a result of some religious beliefs. He said,

“I know how to scare the audience with an effective horror sequence. But a good horror movie is not just about these tricks. The core has to be about human nature. Ultimately, the audience has to care about the characters. Respect for religion, especially religious taboos and religions that are very obscure, has some degree of fear in it. I love scary stories, and even so, I didn’t really quite dare to touch on this topic. I wanted to magnify this feeling in Incantation.”

Ko also revealed that the inspiration for Incantation came from elements of popular online culture including YouTube confessionals, forum threads, and email letter chains. He was also influenced by a variety of popular Asian films, such as One Missed Call, Ringu, Dark Water, Ju-on, and The Eye from Hong Kong and Japan.

He continued by stating that in addition to gore and other horrific themes, most Asian horror films also feature some amount of compassion, so he made an effort to include similar elements in his movie.

Therefore, even though Kevin Ko drew inspiration from a variety of real-life situations, he admittedly drifted from reality and added some fictional components to the story in order to keep it engaging altogether. Again, it would be fair to claim that Incantation is neither wholly based on real events nor entirely a work of fiction.

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