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Reddit: Is the Incantation Movie Cursed? Fans Wonder if Incantation is Safe to Watch!

Jul 12, 2022 @ 14:55 EDT
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Reddit: Is the Incantation Movie Cursed? Fans Wonder if Incantation is Safe to Watch!

Netflix viewers are asking on Reddit if the Incantation movie is actually cursed and whether or not it is safe to watch. Incantation is a Taiwanese movie that depicts the storyline of how Li Ronan got cursed and how she worked to protect all of her children from facing the consequences of her actions. So, is the Incantation movie cursed? Let's find out.

Horror genres on Netflix cannot be preferable to everyone but at the same time, there are many people who would literally increase their adrenaline hormone and still would choose this genre.

On 8th July 2022, a new Taiwanese horror movie, Incantation was released, and just within days, Incantation has not only gotten national fame but has been rising to prominence at the international level.

As per what the viewers have said, this particular movie is one of the frightening creations and has the potential to give you nightmares for days after and the upcoming weeks.

The movie basically follows the story of Li Ronan who gets cursed after breaking a religious taboo, and the whole movie shows how Li protects all of her children from the repercussions that her actions had brought. It is true that on the set of the film, Li Ronan was cursed but recently, people are concerned if the movie itself is cursed. Is Incantation cursed?

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Reddit: Is Incantation Movie Cursed? Safe to Watch or Not?

Adding fright and fear to people's eyes, the new Taiwanese movie, Incantation premiered on 8th July 2022 and has made all of its audience speechless. Typically, Incantation follows a storyline of Li Ronan who gets cursed when she breaks a religious taboo, and as it is said, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, the same went for Li Ronan.

Her action brought an adverse impact on her children, and thus, the entire plot elucidates the steps that Li takes in protecting her children at any cost. Incantation begins with the curse, and how people who have been cursed have to suffer. With all these being shown in the movie, rumors have been circulating on whether the film is actually cursed.

Well, if we are to talk about the movie in general, yes we admit that all the shoot and cast look way more realistic and the pilot can drive anyone crazy and give them goosebumps. But in reality, the movie isn't cursed, and there's no such thing as Incantation in the real world. It's just confined to the storyline that the writer of the movie wrote and the director made a well-built movie out of it.

At the end, it depicts how Ronan takes Dodo's personal belongings to a foster home and then makes a video in case she wakes up. The one motive Ronan was to save Dodo and for that, she had to make sure that the curse gets diluted, and that's how she wished and tried spreading the curse to many people to decrease its power of it.

Will Incantation Have a Part 2?

The horror movie, Incantation has literally won millions of hearts although it is best known for bringing fright to people and scaring them for a couple of days. Horror genres could be daunting to watch, but where's the fun inside the same genre, right?

The movie definitely made millions of profit, and now, a controversy has been circulating and the demand of people has equally uptrained on the release of the second part of the movie. So, what do you think? Will Incantation have a part 2? Probably not.

The last part of the movie tells the answer to every unknown question that had been arising in our minds. Therefore, there's no more plot that Incantation can bring to add part two to the movie.

However, you can find movies like Incantation on Netflix and could definitely spend your spare time with those horror genres. We wish you nothing but a peaceful sleep later.

Before leaving, find out if Incantation Movie is based on a real/true story.

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