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Reddit: Why Did Eddie Munson Have to Die? What Killed Him? Death Scene & Last Words!

Jul 3, 2022 @ 3:51 EDT
Reddit: Why Did Eddie Munson Have to Die? What Killed Him? Death Scene & Last Words!

Eddie Munson, played by Joseph Quinn, is a new character in Netflix's Stranger Things Season 4. He died while battling Vecna and some Reddit users wonder why he had to die. Well, he sacrificed himself to distract Vecna's bats and buy some time for Dustin to escape. As a result, bats wounded Eddie which later killed him. His death scene, especially his last words, totally made all viewers emotional. Follow the article to know more about Eddie Munson.

The latest Stranger Things on Netflix season was wonderful in every way. The new characters that were introduced as well as every other aspect of the season were excellent.

Out of all the new characters, Eddie Munson, played by Joseph Quinn, rapidly emerged as our favorite and most heartbreaking. He had a rough start in the fourth season of Stranger Things because many people thought he killed Chrissy. However, as the narrative developed and the audience learned more about Eddie, they were unable to help but fall in love with him.

Eddie acted as a type of mentor for Dustin Henderson and unfortunately earned a poor reputation for his freewheeling and slightly eccentric personality. He died on the last episode of the show. Some Reddit users wonder why did he actually sacrifice himself. Well, here is why Eddie Munson had to die.

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Reddit: Why Did Eddie Munson Have to Die? Vecna’s Bats Killed Him; Death Scene & Last Words!

Never before have viewers felt as much affection for a new character as they did for Eddie Munson. In Stranger Things Season 4, he was the misunderstood character that everyone loved and mourned deeply when he tragically died.

Eddie, who was by far the oldest member of the group and was seen by most as flunky, thought that this year would finally be the one in which he would graduate from high school and give control of Hellfire over to Mike and Dustin.

Eddie Munson was the introvert, a rule-breaker who didn't want to follow social conventions, which made him a wildcard. Chrissy, therefore, approached Eddie when she needed some medicines to treat her hallucinations.

The brief time they were together allowed her to get a taste of his pleasant and gentle personality, which she found appealing. Unfortunately, he was left with no choice but to run after witnessing Vecna attack her in his trailer in front of him.

Eddie feels guilty and mentions that he ran away and left Chrissy there because he didn't know what else to do when he describes what he witnessed when Chrissy died. Dustin adored him and stood by him wholeheartedly during this experience.

In the season finale, Eddie Munson had always thought of himself as a bit of a coward who wouldn't run into danger head-on, but when Steve Harrington gets trapped there, he does find himself following the others into the Upside Down.

He advises Dustin not to change who he is as they get ready to battle Vecna because he loves the kind of person he is and thinks the world would be a better place if there were more people like him.

In order to draw the bats away from Vecna's cave, he and Dustin were assigned with creating a distraction. Steve directs them to leave the area as soon as things became too tense. They won't try to be heroes since, according to Eddie, they don't really look like heroes.

Dustin and Eddie enter the heavily guarded truck after being lured in by a concert being held on top of it. When they enter through the vents, they are quickly overwhelmed and decide to turn around and enter from the opposite side.

Eddie goes up after Dustin passes through, but he later changes his mind and cuts the rope tying the two worlds together. He assures Dustin that he is buying more time, and after leading the bats away with one of the bicycles, he makes a run for it.

After being knocked over, he tries to go on foot but turns around and recalls how he ran after Chrissy passed away. Instead of running this time, he decides to face the situation.

Dustin goes to Eddie's side as he struggles with his wounded after Vecna is defeated and the bats are brought to the ground. He accepts his situation and his last words were for Dustin to look after the others so that he can finally graduate.

Before telling Dustin that he loves him, he reconfirms that this might finally be his year. After the earthquake, Dustin runs into his uncle and tells him about what killed his nephew. He claims that if people had known Eddie better, they would have adored him. Mr. Munson hears him say that Eddie died a hero and remained true to himself all the way through.

Before leaving, find out if Joseph Quinn is gay.

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