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Stranger Things: Is Surfer Boy Pizza’s Number Real? Is It Available on Walmart & Target?

Jul 8, 2022 @ 2:32 EDT
Stranger Things: Is Surfer Boy Pizza’s Number Real? Is It Available on Walmart & Target?

As Argyle (played by actor Eduardo Franco) works at Surfer Boy Pizza, Season 4 of Stranger Things also displays the number from the van. Many viewers actually called the number and it works for real. Even if it is just a recording, you get to hear from Argyle asking for your order. Additionally, the show collaborated with Walmart to actually create a Surfer Boy Pizza for the fans which can be purchased in 4 flavors: pepperoni, supreme, meat lovers, or pineapple jalapeno. However, the pizza is yet to be available at Target.

Stranger Things and Netflix are known for offering a variety of methods for fans to engage with them, whether it's during the promotion of a new season or even after it's been released. We fans are aware that Stranger Things 4 is currently available to stream in its entirety, and I'm confident that most of you have seen the final two episodes that makeup volume 2.

Meanwhile, Argyle (Eduardo Franco), a new character, was first introduced to us in the fourth season. He is Jonathan's best friend in California, and although he smokes marijuana a lot, he is quite humorous and has contributed to many funny moments this season.

The teenager from California also works at Surfer Boy Pizza. And he has a great deal of passion for his work. The van has a sign with the pizza shop's phone number on it, just like any other business vehicle would. Many viewers are actually dialing the number and discovering where it leads to. If you haven't tried the number, well we've got you covered.

The Surfer Boy Pizza’s Number From Stranger Things Is Real: Can We Buy It at Target & Walmart?

The new character Argyle works at a fictional Surfer Boy Pizza franchise in Season 4 of Stranger Things. Although the chain's pizza dough freezers come in handy later in the series, viewers are finding that the phone number provided on Argyle's delivery fan is still fully operational.

The Surfer Boy Pizza Van's phone number is 805-457-PIZZA, or 805-457-4992, in case you missed it. And when you call the number with those numbers, Argyle is on the other end of the line.

However, he's only a recording, so you can't talk to him. Nevertheless, it's still a great cool method to engage with fans.  The show probably anticipated that sharp-eyed viewers would find the number and attempt to call it. So they made it a modest, enjoyable experience.

So Argyle welcomes you but has to put you on hold when you reach the pizza shop on the other end. You still hear what he has to say. And the order is quite intriguing. Here is the message, which lasts around a minute:

"Surfs up! Surfer Boy Pizza, this is Argyle speaking. We make everything fresh here at Surfer Boy, except for our pineapple which comes from a can. Oh, can you hold dude?

Brochacos, I just got another order before this dude on hold called it’s super specific, like weird specific. You ready? So first, it’s got to be a six inch crust and it’s gotta be super yellow. I don’t know, don’t ask me man. That’s what they said. And then we gotta get the red sauce, just up to the edge on the crust. So don’t go over.

And next they want, and this is really important, four chops of white mozzarella, three habaneros nice and bright orange, two green pepper slices, gotta let the habanero sing man. And then one, just one, piece of blue cheese on top. Now I know it’s strange. Blue cheese is damn near mold. But hey, have you tried it? Try before you deny bro. Ok that’s all I got. Did you get the order? Yeah, cool.

Ok, sorry brochaco thanks for waiting."

The conversation ends there. It's a quick and easy method for fans of the science fiction show to feel a little bit connected to it.

If you live in the United States, you may buy a frozen Surfer Boy pizza from Walmart in one of four flavors: pepperoni, supreme, meat lovers, or pineapple jalapeno. You can buy them individually or in a variety pack. Even if these pizzas aren't as fresh as those that Argyle produces, they're still worth tasting.

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