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Black Nose From Incantation Movie: In Memory of Black Nose Meaning Explained!

Jul 12, 2022 @ 8:47 EDT
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Black Nose From Incantation Movie: In Memory of Black Nose Meaning Explained!

Incantation viewers on Netflix are wondering who Black Nose is after the movie ended with a card that read "In Loving Memory of Black Nose." There's been no official confirmation yet, but here's what we know so far.

There is never any shortage of good entertainment available to stream on Netflix, so why not pass the night being terrified? Following a spectacular theatrical run on domestic screens in March, the streaming giant has finally launched the heavily hyped Taiwanese 2022 horror film, Incantation.

As fans across the world sit down to watch Incantation, many are questioning if it is based on a genuine narrative or real events. Likewise, many are also curious about who Black Nose is.

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In Memory of Black Nose: Incantation Movie Ending Card on Netflix Has Fans Curious!

Incantation is the narrative of Li Ronan, who feels she has been cursed since she broke a religious commandment and disrupted a powerful shrine.

To Li Ronan's horror, the curse begins to affect everyone around her, with a particular concentration on her small daughter, as it seems to feed off her rising anxiety.

Director Kevin Ko stated in a statement obtained by Comicbook:

I know how to scare the audience with an effective horror sequence. But a good horror movie is not just about these tricks.

Incantation is partially based on a real story of an event that transpired in Taiwan in 2005; however, the filmmakers have not divulged the precise incident. The film is also inspired by classic Asian horror movies as well as modern online culture.

The fact that the movie was based on a genuine story was widely publicized as part of Incantation's promotional strategies. Unfortunately, information about the precise instance in question is relatively rare online.

Meanwhile, fans are wondering who Black Nose is in the Incantation movie after it said “In Loving Memory of Black Nose,” but it appears nobody quite knows who that is.

There has been no official confirmation on 'Black Nose' from Netflix or the production company. So, any speculation is merely futile right now.

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