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Stranger Things 4 Government Assigned Kin Quiz: What Stranger Things Character Are You?

Jul 7, 2022 @ 12:39 EDT
Stranger Things 4 Government Assigned Kin Quiz: What Stranger Things Character Are You?

Stranger Things 4 Government Assigned Kin Quiz is basically an assignment/game created by uQuiz to know your matching character from Stranger Things on Netflix. The quiz asks 12 questions and finally asks you to tell your favorite joke before you get your result. Follow the article to know more about it and why the final episode was not split into multiple episodes.

Netflix has steadfastly stuck with the practice of releasing a complete season at once despite the broad landscape of streaming, where more and more users are choosing a weekly release plan.

For the most recent season of Stranger Things, they decided to take a different approach, releasing the first seven episodes in May and the final two in July. Particularly Episode 9's 2 hours and 19-minute length attracted a lot of attention.

Apart from the show, characters, and the cast members, another thing that has been trending is the Stranger Things 4 Government Assigned Kin Quiz. Many people are aware that it is trending, however, many are confused about what it really is about. Well, we've got you covered.

Stranger Things 4 Government Assigned Kin Quiz: Know Your Character; How Does the Assignment/Game Work?

The Stranger Things craze is trending all over the world. From selling merch to now personality quiz, fans seem to enjoy everything related to the show. Fun fact, all the business is going really well. The Stranger Things 4 Government Assigned Kin is one of them hosted by uQuiz that fans really are enjoying.

It basically is a personality quiz/game or an assignment and shows you your character from the show. I did participate in it and I was compared to Eddie Munson. Honestly, I feel very close to Eddie and it seems like the results are pretty genuine. If you wonder how it actually works, well, we've got you covered.

After you log in to the page, it asks for your name. The game starts right after you enter your name. It, then, gives you 13 questions one by one with 4 to 10 options each. Favorite color, favorite study subject, favorite TV show, favorite season, favorite animals, favorite sports, etc are among the questions you get.

After you mandatorily answer all the 12 questions, the 13th one is not really a question. It asks you to tell the best joke you've ever heard. After you write the joke, you finally get the character that your personality matches based on the answers you gave.

I'm happy I got Eddie. Furthermore, you can share the result with your friends via Facebook and Twitter. The quiz does not reward you anything. To be honest, the quiz was developed just to earn money. However, you can give it a try as it is fun, doesn't ask any of your money and it just takes a minute or two.

Here Is Why Stranger Things' 4’s Finale Was Not Split Into 2 Episodes!

The Duffer Brothers studied Episode 9 oF Stranger Things Season 4 and struggled to find a natural break before deciding to keep it as one supersized installment rather than splitting it into two parts. As Ross Duffer explained,

"I think we just couldn't find a good spot to break it because there's almost an hour of build-up tension, and then it just goes hard for an hour. Then we have our 25 minutes of coming down the coda. It would've just not been a very satisfying episode to stop it after that first hour. In our opinion, it just would've petered out. We didn't want to force an ending, so we just figured, well, it'll just be this monster episode. If you want to pause it, go ahead."

Even though they couldn't come up with a solid strategy to divide the episode, the way the season was divided was unusual. The choice was one that was made out of need rather than on purpose, as is the case with so many things these days.

There were worries the nine episodes wouldn't be finished in time due to the substantial VFX needed for a show of this size. In response to the decision to part ways, Matt Duffer said,

"the episodes, really, the episodes were not done [and] weren't going to all be done by May. But it was not designed to split."

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