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Dr. Marcus From Resident Evil: Who Is James Marcus on the Netflix Show? Who Is Evelyn Marcus?

Jul 15, 2022 @ 6:13 EDT
Dr. Marcus From Resident Evil: Who Is James Marcus on the Netflix Show? Who Is Evelyn Marcus?

Many viewers wonder who Dr. Marcus is and how he died after watching Resident Evil on Netflix. He was one of the founders of Umbrella Corporation and served as Director at the executive training school for the organization. Moreover, he is also the father of Evelyn Marcus. Follow the article to know more about Dr. Marcus and how he actually died.

Netflix's Resident Evil is a zombie horror series set in a world where the T-virus has turned billions of humans into the walking dead. Even if the 2021 remake of Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City received only average reviews, the huge popularity of the video game Resident Evil 7 (2017) encouraged Netflix to revive the franchise in the world of live-action adaptations. Resident Evil will have eight episodes, each lasting around an hour.

The series was released on July 14, 2022. The Umbrella Corporation and other important characters are introduced to the viewers in the first season. It is divided into two timelines and gives us a view of both the past and the future, illustrating both the acts and their effects.

One of the characters who has garnered a lot of viewers' attention is Dr. James Marcus aka Dr. Marcus. Many viewers seek more information about him. Well, we've got you covered.

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Dr. Marcus From Netflix’s Resident Evil: Meet Dr. James Marcus' Daughter, Evelyn Marcus!

Very less information is given about Dr. Marcus in the Netflix show. However, we know a lot about him from the original Resident Evil franchise. The study of viral weapons was invented by virologist Dr. James Marcus. He was one of the founders of Umbrella Corporation and served as Director at the executive training school for the organization. He also contributed to the development of the t-Virus.

Dr. Marcus also has a daughter, Evelyn Marcus, who is one of the key characters in the Netflix series. She is the CEO of Umbrella and a very ambitious woman who wants to make the world a better place. The only issue is that Evelyn only cares about changing the world if it helps Umbrella because she is sociopathic.

Evelyn thinks that the new psychoactive drug, Joy, will help her achieve her goal. And despite many warnings from Albert, she ignores its possible risks in her haste to get it on the market.

Dr. Marcus, a perfectionist, neglected his other responsibilities in front of his never-ending research. He was removed from all duties in the company after his passion turned perverted to the point of utilizing youngsters in his studies. Marcus was killed in 1988, along with his test victims, because he was considered to be a threat to the business even when alone.

Since the beginning of the Umbrella, Spencer and Marcus have been increasingly disconnected from one another. The two have long held suspicions about one another, and Ashford was murdered in a lab accident that Spencer designed.

The training school and its laboratory were ordered to close immediately at the conclusion of the 1977–1978 academic year. Surviving staff members were transferred to other locations, and Birkin and Wesker were quickly transferred to the Arklay Laboratory, depriving Marcus of even his trustworthy apprentices.

Already suspecting Spencer was attempting to steal his data, Marcus chose to stay in his lab and carry out further experiments. In an attempt to acquire the required backing to take over the company, he intended to present the findings of his investigation to Umbrella's senior directors.

Nevertheless, despite his isolation, Spencer understood Marcus' motivations and took action to eliminate the threat Dr. Marcus posed. In 1988, a squad from the Umbrella Security Service broke into the facility and shot Marcus to death. Birkin and Wesker, who were with the death squad, immediately acquired any research data they needed for the Arklay Laboratory projects they were working on.

James Marcus's dead body as well as several of his undesired specimens, such as the Queen Leech, were later discarded into the river channel. Except for the remains that may still be used to prove Marcus was dismissed early, Umbrella had nearly entirely erased Marcus's name from its corporate history by 1998.

Despite his death, Marcus had already started the chain of events that would bring to Raccoon City's destruction, the fall of the Umbrella, and Spencer's status as one of the world's most wanted fugitives, allowing him to exact his vengeance on Spencer and the business.

The Queen Leech they dumped with Dr. Marcus invaded his body, combined his DNA into its genome, and acquired his memories by absorbing his brain cells without the operators' knowledge. In 1998, this hybrid creature would go on the rampage to exact revenge.

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