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Is Leo Suter Gay? The Untold Truth of Vikings Valhalla Actor!

Mar 1, 2022 @ 4:03 EST
Is Leo Suter Gay? The Untold Truth of Vikings Valhalla Actor!

After Leo Suter's gay role as Edward Drummond in the historical drama series Victoria, his fans have been assuming that the actor might be gay in real life. Leo Suter is currently in the limelight for portraying the character of Harald Sigurdsson on Vikings: Valhalla on Netflix. Also, know about Suter's challenges to play his role in the Netflix series.

Leo Suter is a well-known actor, model, media personality, and social media sensation from London, United Kingdom. The Netflix star is well-known throughout the country for his outstanding acting abilities in a variety of films and television shows.

Suter is well recognized for his work on Intelligence, Beecham House, Clique, and other projects. In February 2022, he rose to prominence as Harald Sigurdsson in the television series Vikings: Valhalla.

As a result, people are as eager as ever to learn about his personal life, particularly his partner and whether he is gay. While some rumors about the Vikings: Valhalla actor are easy to debunk, others are more difficult.

Previously, we touched on Vikings Valhalla cast, King Edmund, King Canute, Leif Erikson's wife, his sister, and Harald Sigurdsson.

Is Leo Suter Gay? Here is Why Leo Suter Fans Think He Might Be Gay!

Leo Suter, who is known for his low-key personality, has always preferred to make headlines with his on-screen presence over his off-screen life. Because of the difference between his on-screen and off-screen lives, it's been impossible to gather any information about his dating life.

Suter (@leo.suter) has a reputation for representing important personalities, from Beecham House to Sanditon. He enjoys historical dramas, and one of his most notable parts is in the royal period drama Victoria, in which he plays Edward Drummond, a gay character.

Drummond is the private secretary to the Prime Minister, Sir Robert Peel. He is an engaged man but ends up having an affair with Alfred Paget.

Because homosexuality was still forbidden at the time, Edward and Alfred had to express themselves in low light. Although the on-screen actors struggled to express their love, they did have their share of happy and romantic moments, which occasionally ended in a heartfelt kiss.

Jordan Waller, who also appears to be a close friend of Leo Suter, plays the role of Paget in the series. Jordan is the son of lesbian parents who had a gay sperm donor child and is openly gay.

Jordan Waller is a charming man in his own way, and when the two are in the same room together, they shower each other with shades of love that are so beautifully mirrored that viewers can't help but wish they were real-life couples.

On Instagram, Leo Suter posted a picture of the two buddies, which fueled relationship rumors. Suter has never declared his sexual orientation or relationship status, but based on his position in Victoria, it appears that many fans believe he is gay.

That, however, is clearly not the case. Suter and Waller fans need not be upset, as Leo Suter's character is engaged to Waller's character, his on-screen partner.

As a result, it's easy to see how the rumors were started. The disparity between the lack of information about his personal life and the love storylines on his shows is confusing.

Leo Suter Reveals His Challenging Training to Play Harald Sigurdsson On Vikings: Valhalla

The action sequences in Vikings: Valhalla is fantastic. Indeed, the last episode's conclusion features one of the best-choreographed fight scenarios ever seen in a show. So, if you're going to combat dressed like a Viking, you should also fight like one.

Harald Sigurdsson was a tough and brutal strategist and army leader before becoming one of the greatest Viking rulers. He fought several wars and defeated the seemingly indestructible British Empire.

So when Leo Suter, an English actor, was cast in the part of the famous warrior, he was well aware that he would have to put in long hours at the gym in order to improve his body. Leo talked about his training and working out experiences with Tudum in an interview.

I knew that training was going to be important, and we were very lucky to have a trainer called Pat Henry to help us through that first four months of pandemic when we were all in lockdown and weren’t able to film. We did Zoom sessions three times a week with the weights that I had lying around in my garage that had gathered a lot of dust.

Leo Suter claims it took him four months to get the body he wanted, and he appears to have loved every minute of it. "I find it meditative and calming to go to the gym," the actor admits. He attributes his athletic background to his ability to gain muscular mass in a shorter amount of time.

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