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Who Was Jennifer in The Umbrella Academy? How Did Ben Die During the Jennifer Incident? Comics & Reddit!

Jun 29, 2022 @ 12:52 EDT
Who Was Jennifer in The Umbrella Academy? How Did Ben Die During the Jennifer Incident? Comics & Reddit!

Viewers seek details about Jennifer from the Jennifer incident after watching Season 3 of Netflix's The Umbrella Academy. The incident which led to Ben's death has yet to be explained. Similarly, Jennifer's identity and Ben's cause of death have yet to be confirmed. Some Reddit users have discussed their theory. Additionally, the comics also haven't revealed details about Jennifer.

The third season of The Umbrella Academy on Netflix is a massacre for viewers as a number of key characters die in almost every episode. Because of all the unexpected turns it takes, we have to cross our fingers that our favorite characters survive and return in the fourth season.

Furthermore, there is one unwritten rule: never talk about Ben's death. Ben's unfortunate death has been kept a secret by every character in the Netflix series, but they have all made hints that they would eventually come clean.

The long-running question is not satisfactorily answered in Season 3, but the Jennifer incident is used to describe the circumstances of his passing. We've previously discussed the incident. And now, many viewers are curious to know about Jennifer. So, who was her? Here is everything we know about her.

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Who Is Jennifer in The Umbrella Academy? How Did Ben Die?  Reddit Users Discuss Their Theory About the Jennifer Incident!

Everyone still has a lot of questions regarding Ben's death, including how it occurred. Ben's death has not yet been fully explained in the series, however, it appears that the most recent season has provided some explanation.

The Jennifer Incident, which is also featured in the original comics that served as the series' inspiration, is brought up by his siblings. In the first part of the Apocalypse Suite, Jennifer is mentioned in a news article on the wall of Luther's moon base.

Viktor notices various paintings when he enters Ben's room and takes a look around. The paintings are usually one color, all depict the face of a girl or young lady, and all include the name, Jennifer. Viktor probably knows how Ben died in his timeline even though he wouldn't have been on the mission, and the images provide some important hints that Ben and Jennifer connected in both timelines.

Jennifer was an important person in Ben's life and there was no doubt that he had feelings for her. According to fans, Ben and she had a particular bond, and he gave his life to attempt to save her.

No matter what happened, based on the number of paintings, Ben definitely thinks about it frequently. Ben also doesn't go into detail about this during this season, despite the fact that it appears he has a special bond with Jennifer, whoever she may be and wherever she may be.

It's likely that the first Ben, who passed away, was a selfless man who gave his life for others during the tragic mission that went horribly wrong. Perhaps the same Jennifer was confronted by Sparrow Ben, who appears to be a little more self-assured and arrogant, but he chose not to put his own life in danger to save her.

Whoever Jennifer is, Ben obviously loved her enough to pursue sketching portraits of her as a pastime. The Jennifer incident must have been the turning point in the lives of both Umbrella Ben and Sparrow Ben, despite the fact that they are dramatic polar opposites. Moreover, the comic itself hasn't explained the details of the incident.

Some Reddit users also discussed about the Jennifer incident and who Jennifer actually might be. One user wrote, "It’s probably going to be detailed in future but judging from Umbrella Ben dying during that mission & Sparrow Ben having multiple drawings of Jennifer in his bedroom the most popular fan theories involve him having a crush on this Jennifer person, causing his death in the umbrella timeline but surviving (narrowly?) in the sparrow timeline."

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