What Is Christopher in The Umbrella Academy? Does the Psykronium Cube Has Any Powers? Reddit & Actor!

Jun 26, 2022 @ 7:55 EDT
What Is Christopher in The Umbrella Academy? Does the Psykronium Cube Has Any Powers? Reddit & Actor!

Christopher Hargreeves from Netflix's The Umbrella Academy is a CGI character that is a psykronium cube with an unknown origin in the Sparrow timeline. Some Reddit users seek information about its origin and powers. Well, here is everything we know about Christopher, the potential Season 4 plot, and its voice actor.

The Umbrella Academy on Netflix tells the story of a group of people with abilities who were born on the same day at the same time. Since the third season of the show recently got released, it represents a very important transformation in their journey, since the first two seasons concentrate on building the narrative and dynamics of the show.

The group is in a lot of problems as a result of the events in this chapter, where they not only have to face external threats but also internal tensions that have been simmering since the first season.

The Sparrows are a brand-new enemy squad that The Umbrella Academy season 3 has introduced to us, along with some really intriguing characters, such as Christopher, a floating cube.

Let's learn more about Chris the Cube and his history since he was first revealed by Netflix as Christopher Hargreeves, the Sparrow Academy's Number Seven and a formidable psychic blaster.

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The Umbrella Academy: What Is Christopher Hargreeves? The Psykronium Cube From the Sparrow Timeline Has Amusing Powers; Reddit, Actor & More!

With the exception of Ben Hargreeves and a mystery levitating cube, the annoying Sparrows were completely silhouettes when they made their entrance in the final moments of The Umbrella Academy season 2 of the show.

This cube was revealed by Netflix as Christopher Hargreeves, the Sparrow Academy's Number Seven and a formidable psychic blaster, in the lead-up to season 3's premiere. The CGI character is not an actor. It's unclear if Christopher needs a voice actor or if he has any lines.

The Umbrella kids make a few observations about how strange it must be to have a sentient LEGO brick, but there is never a formal discussion regarding Christopher's nature at the Sparrow Academy, which treats its cube-like a normal sibling.

Although The Umbrella Academy purposefully avoids the subject, some information can be gathered. In 1989, Sir Reginald Hargreeves adopted seven kids in total, including Christopher, who was there from the beginning, according to the opening scene of The Umbrella Academy season 3.

Christopher Hargreeves is a psykronium cube with an unknown origin in the Sparrow timeline. He might be otherworldly. Sir Reginald may have searched outside of Earth for his Sparrow Academy members since Harlan's rage unintentionally prevented the majority of the 43 children from being born. Similarly, many Reddit users seek information about his powers.

One of his special skills is called a cold inducement, which allows Christopher to control a room's temperature regardless of its size by turning down the heat until the space is freezing. His ability to induce fear in those around him makes up another one of his abilities. His final talent is paralysis inducement.  This occurs when he summons his terror force. The power of Christopher's ability to induce fear can grow to the point that it paralyzes individuals physically.

Nothing in the Umbrella Academy chronology suggests that his magic jar of lights remained on a single world, therefore, one of the 43 mothers could have been a sentient cube from another planet. Sparrow Reginald visits this strange planet and adopts its dazzling metallic newborn after failing to fill the Number Seven position on Earth.

Christopher Hargreeves might have been artificially transformed like Luther if he hadn't come from another world. Perhaps he was once a typical human child who had an accident while on a mission. Sir Reginald learned to communicate with his siblings using whoops and noises after transferring Christopher's consciousness inside a metal casing so he wouldn't lose his precious Number Seven.

The universe has once again been reconfigured to Sir Reginald Hargreeves' desires in front of season 4 of The Umbrella Academy, despite Christopher's downfall in season 3 of the show. Deceased Academy members might still be alive in Reggie's recreated world, as hinted at by Ben's unexpected entrance in the post-credits scene.

This would enable Christopher Hargreeves to make a comeback in season four of The Umbrella Academy, where the mystery surrounding his ancestry can be resolved.

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