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What Is Diego Hargreeves’ Power in The Umbrella Academy? Does He Die in Season 3? Does He Have Any Special Ability?

Jun 30, 2022 @ 4:12 EDT
What Is Diego Hargreeves’ Power in The Umbrella Academy? Does He Die in Season 3? Does He Have Any Special Ability?

Viewers wonder about Diego's power after watching the latest season of Netflix's The Umbrella Academy. Well, he is especially known for his accuracy while using his weapons. He also has trajectory manipulation ability. Follow the article to know more about Diego's special powers and if he dies in Season 3 of the series.

Netflix's The Umbrella Academy's third season turns out to be its most intriguing one yet. It does not hold back from increasing the number of deaths, with one character or another passing away in practically every episode. We start to fear that one of the Umbrella Academy members would leave us this time when the situation becomes so serious.

Now that The Umbrella Academy is back, we can watch our favorite group of misfits once more as they attempt to work as a team to prevent the end of the world (yet again), occasionally taking breaks. We have a lot of love for the original group of siblings notwithstanding the involvement of another set of siblings.

In terms of the number of main characters who die throughout the season, it also ranks among the bloodiest seasons yet. The third season of The Umbrella Academy features numerous deaths. In addition to that, many characters evolve and gain new powers.

Similarly, Diego Hargreeves aka Kraken or Number 2 plays a very vital role in Season 3. As a result, many viewers are curious to know about his powers. Well, we've got you covered.

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What Special Power Does Diego Have in The Umbrella Academy? Does He Die in Season 3 of the Netflix Series?

One of the 43 children who were all delivered on the first day of October 1989 at 12:12 a.m. to mothers who had not previously shown any signs of pregnancy was Diego Hargreeves, earlier known as Number Two.

The baby was one of seven adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves who intended to raise them as world-saving soldiers. Diego was Hargreeves' Number Two, and he had the ability to control thrown things like blades while they were in flight.

Talking about his powers, Diego is renowned for his extreme accuracy, particularly when throwing knives (his weapon of choice). He may even change the trajectory of objects that are already moving, such as bullets, to prevent them from striking close people.

He has also mastered hand-to-hand combat and the ability to maintain his breath underwater for an extended period of time through his training. He does not, however, possess his powers in this new reality since he drops one of his knives while twisting it at the conclusion of season 3.

As mentioned above, many characters die in the new season of The Umbrella Academy. Fortunately, Diego is not one of them. However, he does have a close call when he and Lila travel through the portal to Hotel Oblivion in the Buffalo Suite.

The guardian of the realm confronts the two as they travel to Hotel Oblivion and attacks them with the intention of killing them. Diego loses his ring and pinky finger, which were both sliced from his hand by the sword that the mysterious guardian threw, yet they all survive the portal's return.

The remaining Hargreeves children, Lila and Sloane, look to be on the verge of being killed by Sir Reginald in the season 3 finale after being drained of the life force that apparently powered such a machine, and Diego has another close call with death.

Thankfully, Allison stepped in to stop him before the entire procedure ended and her siblings were killed. The future of the plot is yet unknown, but if season 4 occurs, Diego should be a part of it as the character made it through season 3 and was also involved in one of the season's biggest twists when Lila's pregnancy was revealed.

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