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What Is the Jennifer Incident in The Umbrella Academy? How Did Ben Hargreeves Die? Know What Reddit Users & the Comic Writer Have to Say About It!

Jun 26, 2022 @ 12:17 EDT
What Is the Jennifer Incident in The Umbrella Academy? How Did Ben Hargreeves Die? Know What Reddit Users & the Comic Writer Have to Say About It!

The Jennifer Incident from Netflix's The Umbrella Academy is about the death of Ben Hargreeves and what happened to Jennifer. The show finally named the incident in Season 3 of the show, however, didn't exactly explain the incident. The writer of the comic also stated that he has not planned a story about the incident yet. It seems like we have to wait until another season, probably Season 4, to find out what exactly is the Jennifer incident. Also, know what the Reddit users have to say about the plot.

The Umbrella Academy on Netflix narrates the story of a group of superhumans who frequently find themselves trying to save the planet. When they escape one apocalypse and arrive in another, it quickly becomes apparent that the world will end regardless of which timeline they are in.

The show's relationships and characters' battles with one another make up its heart and soul despite the show's complex plot and rich mythology.

Ben Hargreeves, aka The Horror, died in a terrible accident when he was just a teenager and it is revealed at the start of the show. His demise never had any explanations, until now. Yes, with Season 3, the show hints about the tragedy and calls it the Jennifer Incident. Well, let's know about it in detail.

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The Jennifer Incident: Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy Has Not Yet Revealed on How Ben Hargreeves Died; Comic Writer & Reddit Users on the Incident!

The Umbrella Academy's second season has a flashback to Ben Hargreeves' death. Ben passed away in 2006 at the age of 17 according to the original Umbrella Academy timeline. Ben died during a mission gone wrong, according to Reginald Hargreaves' eulogy, but no other information regarding the mission was provided.

Even while the show prefers to keep its secrets under wraps, it occasionally gives away some information. The event that led to Ben's death is given a name in Season 3. The Jennifer Incident is what it's called. Only a few times is the phrase used, and once more, no one elaborates on what it exactly is.

The Jennifer Incident is mentioned in the graphic novel as well. It first appeared as a little newspaper piece on the wall of Luther's base on the moon in the first issue of Apocalypse Suite. Thus, Ben's death and whatever happened to Jennifer that everyone keeps talking about were likely connected in some way by Luther.

In the novel, Pogo laments that Ben's passing occurred as a result of his eagerness to win Luther and Reginald Hargreeves' admiration. Vanya's diary entry makes a similar point. This implies that in order to impress Luther on the mission, Ben must have taken a risk that would have led to his death.

Reddit users have picked up on a detail that suggests Jennifer is involved in the novel's Hotel Oblivion plot. It depicts her as a waitress reading the Academy news while fighting off the villains who have escaped from Hotel Oblivion.

Although she might be the Jennifer mentioned in the incident, there is a very minimal probability that it was the same incident in which Ben was involved. This is because Jennifer first emerges after Ben has passed away.

The exact detail of the Jennifer Incident is still unknown. During an interview with Norman Transcript, the creator of the original comic, Gerard Way, said,

"The Jennifer Incident was created to just be alluded to in the story. I named it the Jennifer incident because I have no idea what Jennifer is. I have no idea what it even refers to. I just came up with something that sounded interesting and could be thought-provoking. And that’s the Jennifer Incident."

Ben's death doesn't really matter, according to Way, despite the fact that everyone wants to learn the truth and learn what really happened to him. The significance of the incident is that Ben was dead, which caused a division in the Academy and ultimately resulted in everyone going their separate ways.

Therefore, the Jennifer Incident has yet not been explained. It seems like we can learn more about the incident in Season 4 as the show is slowly taking its audiences closer to that incident.

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