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On March 12, 2022 By Natalia Ramanova

Is Worst Roommate Ever Real? Here's What You Need to Know!

Questioning if Worst Roommate Ever is real, people have been stunned and terrified at the same time after watching the...
On March 9, 2022 By Natalia Ramanova

Ken Gutzeit: Tulane Student Stabbed to Death in 1976!

One of the episodes of Netflix's Worst Roommate Ever depicts the story of Jamison Bachman who used his law degree...
On March 8, 2022 By Bernd Mueller

Sonia Acevedo from Worst Roommate Ever: Fans Set Up GoFundMe Page for Her!

Sonia Acevedo is one of the victims of fraud by Jamison Bachman in the Netflix series Worst Roommate Ever. Sonia...
On March 8, 2022 By Steve Goodman

Randell Vidrine from Tulane University: Where is He Now?

Many viewers are wondering where Randell Vidrine is now after witnessing the 1976 Tulane University murder on Worst Roommate Ever....
On March 7, 2022 By Natalia Ramanova

Callie Quinn from Worst Roommate Ever: Meet Youssef Khater's Survivor Following Chile Incident!

Callie Quinn from Worst Roommate Ever on Netflix is a Texas native who visited Chile after graduation, where she bumped...
On March 7, 2022 By Marvin Cummings

Alex Miller from Worst Roommate Ever: Philadelphia Resident is One of Jamison Bachman's Victims!

Alex Miller from Worst Roommate Ever on Netflix is a Philadelphia resident and one of Jamison Bachman's victims. Alex Miller...
On March 6, 2022 By Claire Thompson

Worst Roommate Ever: Maribel Ramos' Autopsy Report & Body Found Update!

Maribel Ramos from Worst Roommate Ever is featured in Episode 2. She was a promising young woman who was murdered...
On March 6, 2022 By Bernd Mueller

Jed Creek Serial Squatter: Philadelphia, Chestnut Hill, Worst Roommate Ever!

Jed Creek aka Jamison Bachman from Worst Roommate Ever on Netflix is a serial squatter who ended up murdering his...
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