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Is Worst Roommate Ever Real? Here's What You Need to Know!

Mar 12, 2022 @ 4:36 EST
Is Worst Roommate Ever Real? Here's What You Need to Know!

Questioning if Worst Roommate Ever is real, people have been stunned and terrified at the same time after watching the latest Netflix show. Many fans wanted to know if the docuseries is based on real-life incidents. Here is what we know everything about the show and if the show is worth a watch.

You might think you've had a terrible roommate, but if you watch Worst Roommate Ever on Netflix, you'll quickly realize you had it easy. The new true-crime series is about exactly what it sounds like - people who have had frightening experiences with the people they live with.

This isn't about filthy roommates or living with someone who won't clean up after themselves; this is about a roommate who turns out to be a killer.

Each narrative begins with individuals assuming their roommate is harmless, but it quickly turns into everyone's worst nightmare. However, let's know if the stories shown in the docuseries are based on true stories.

Here's all you need to know about Worst Roommate Ever before you watch it on Netflix — be prepared to never want to live with anybody else again after viewing it.

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Is Worst Roommate Ever on Netflix Based on Real Stories?

Netflix Worst Roommate Ever depicts four different terrifying stories of violent cons and brutal killers. When these evil and sometimes murderous intentions are exposed, the viewers are thrust into the terrifying realm of what it's like to room share in the worst-case scenario.

One case examines the life of Dorothea Puente, a serial killer who drugged and buried defenseless, crippled, and elderly tenants who collected their social security payments. There's also the story of K.C Joy, who murdered Maribel Ramos, with whom she shared an apartment.

Meanwhile, con artist Youssef Khater conned his renters with a large sum of money before attacking them. Finally, there's Jamison Bachman, who firstly used his degree to threaten his roommates and house owners and later killed his brother.

When four people share their actual-life stories of roommates gone horribly wrong, the disturbing genuine stories depict that hidden evil can be lurking right down the hall. And for the people who have been wondering if the stories are based on real-life incidents, the four criminal roommates in the series are completely true and based on real life.

The stories were first published in New York Magazine's viral 2018 article of the same name and later Netflix followed the same stories in its docuseries.

However, you should not get scared of your roommate right away and get rid of them. I mean, we've witnessed people who have saved their roommates as well. In fact, some roommates turn out to be our family since they stick with us in our ups and downs. Let's have faith in our roommates for now and not hope to get murdered by them.

Is Worst Roommate Ever on Netflix Worth Watching?

Netflix has been lately focusing more on real crime and scam stories. Inventing Anna and The Tinder Swindler are among other the streaming platform has released in just the first quarter of 2022 which are totally based on real-life incidents. So, where does Worst Roommate Ever fit into the Netflix true-crime masterpiece?

Not in a good way. The show makes little attempt to deviate from the established true crime pattern, instead of settling for basic chronological retellings in the style of unsolved mysteries in the majority of episodes.

Each case moves at a different speed. Some are rushed, while others are split into two episodes. Despite the fact that Puente's murderous streak was lengthy, little time is spent diving into the purpose or insight behind her actions.

Instead of manipulating innocent people for entertainment, the show could feel like it had more to give if more time was spent examining what formed these monsters, what inspired their motivations, or even investigating the police work that facilitated their arrests.

As is, the Worst Roommate Ever is watchable, but not quite up to the standard of Netflix's best true crime documentaries.

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