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Jed Creek Serial Squatter: Philadelphia, Chestnut Hill, Worst Roommate Ever!

Mar 6, 2022 @ 5:44 EST
Jed Creek Serial Squatter: Philadelphia, Chestnut Hill, Worst Roommate Ever!

Jed Creek aka Jamison Bachman from Worst Roommate Ever on Netflix is a serial squatter who ended up murdering his own brother Harry Bachman. Know how Jed Creek used his law degree to threaten multiple apartment owners in Philadelphia if they ask him for any rental money. Also, learn about Jamison Bachman's Chestnut Hill roommate Alex Miller.

Worst Roommate Ever is currently streaming on Netflix, and viewers are curious to learn more about each shocking story!

After Philadelphia resident Alex Miller received a call from a potential tenant regarding the space she had available, the world became aware of Jamison Bachman's story. Little did she know that the phone call would set off a frightening experience that would last months.

Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever: Roommate Wanted chronicles Alex's experience and depicts how serial squatter Jed Creek was finally arrested in 2017 for his brother's murder. Let's look into the details of this case and see how Jamison ended up where he did.

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Who Is Jed Creek, The Serial Squatter, From Netflix's Worst Roommate Ever?

Jamison Bachman's story begins with naming himself as Jed Creek, who answered a Craigslist advertisement for an apartment rental in Philadelphia. When answering to Alex Miller, a Philadelphia lady looking for a roommate, Jed described himself as a lawyer who wasn't now practicing law.

Surprisingly, Jamison Bachman had a law degree and was well-versed in the legal field. He, on the other hand, displayed a hesitation to pass the bar or pursue a career as a lawyer. According to the episode, Jamison had a severe father who regularly assaulted him and his mother.

Jed Creek's childhood friends recalled how his father's harshness had an impact on him when he was younger, and he progressively shifted from a vibrant, kind-hearted person to someone eviler.

Furthermore, the show highlights Jamison's involvement in the 1976 murder of Ken Gutzeit, which apparently made an indelible mark on him.

Arleen Hairbaedian, a woman from Queens, New York, met and befriended Jamison in a park in 2005. They formed an immediate bond, and the two began dating soon after. According to the show, Arleen knew Jed Creek was a teacher at a school and later reported that their relationship appeared to be extraordinarily caring and understanding.

It didn't take long for things to turn sour, and Jamison and Arleen were soon involved in multiple fights. When Jamison rented a room in Arleen's apartment, he failed to pay her rent or bills.

According to the Netflix production, Arleen's landlord couldn't do anything because Jamison threatened him with legal action if he attempted to extract him. Jamison and Arleen eventually filed restraining orders against each other, but they were unsuccessful.

When Jed Creek refused to leave her flat, Arleen was obliged to call the cops. However, once the officers arrived, Jamison made up a story about Arleen stabbing him with a knife, according to the episode. Arleen eventually had to leave her home and move just to get rid of Jamison.

Sonia Acevedo subsequently rented a room to Jamison in 2012. Sonia's flat in Queens, like Arleen's, was subjected to the same harassment. Things appeared to be calm and serene for the first month, but Jamison quickly refused to pay rent or depart his room.

Sonia attempted to remove him, but her attempts were unsuccessful, and she ended up in Jamison's bad books. Sonia revealed that she used to block her bedroom door with chairs at night because she was afraid of them fighting vocally.

Finally, Jed Creek saw Alex Miller's rental advertisement in 2017 and decided to apply. He called her under the name Jed Creek and said he was a lawyer searching for a place to stay. Before bringing him home, Alex met him at a neighborhood Starbucks, where Jamison gave her a check for $800 as a deposit on the flat.

Alex, on the other hand, was victim to similar harassment, which began after Jamison refused to pay an energy payment. Tensions between the two soon evolved, and they resorted to violent confrontations. Despite the fact that Alex had secured a restraining order against Jed Creek, he refused to give up and continued to trespass on Alex's property. Finally, seeing no other option, Alex reported him to the police, and Jamison was jailed for violating a restraining order.

Is Jed Creek Still Alive?

Regardless of the fact that Jed Creek was charged with a crime, his older brother, Harry Bachman, was said to have bailed him out in the episode.

On November 4, 2017, when police arrived at Harry Bachman's house, they discovered the eldest Bachman brother dead in his basement from blunt trauma injuries to the head. Furthermore, the attacker appeared to have escaped in Harry's red Ford Escape.

Considering the incident, the police acted quickly, and Jamison Bachman, a resident of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, was arrested after a comprehensive investigation. Jamison was charged with his brother's murder, but the case was never brought to court.

On December 8, 2017, Montgomery County Correctional Facility officials announced that Jamison had hanged himself in his cell.

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