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Worst Roommate Ever: Maribel Ramos' Autopsy Report & Body Found Update!

Mar 6, 2022 @ 6:41 EST
Worst Roommate Ever: Maribel Ramos' Autopsy Report & Body Found Update!

Maribel Ramos from Worst Roommate Ever is featured in Episode 2. She was a promising young woman who was murdered by killer KC Joy. Netflix viewers wonder about Maribel Ramos' apartment, autopsy report, cause of death, Wikipedia, and age. Reddit users seek information on whether Maribel's missing body was found in Orange, California. Maribel from Worst Roommate Ever had a sister named Lucero Gonzalez.

Worst Roommate Ever on Netflix does a good job of presenting the events surrounding Maribel Ramos' death but neglects some information concerning her roommate and murderer, K.C. Joy.

When army veteran and CSU student Maribel Ramos failed to show up for numerous critical events, police began an investigation, and her death was discovered two weeks later.

Maribel Ramos's murder is especially tragic. Ramos was a veteran of the United States Army who had done two combat tours in Iraq. Through Craigslist, Ramos met Kwang Chol Joy, also known as K.C. Joy, and the two became roommates.

However, things took a turn for the worst during a discussion over rent. Ramos requested Joy to leave on May 2, 2013, after he had missed multiple payments. Ramos is thought to have been killed that day or the following.

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Worst Roommate Ever: Maribel Ramos was Killed By KC Joy!

According to Netflix, Kwang Choi "K.C." Joy, aged 55, was found guilty of murdering Maribel Ramos. Maribel had requested Joy to leave the apartment after the violent argument between the roommates since he couldn't afford to pay the rent.

Prosecutors claimed that this was when the murder took place. They also stated that Joy was in love with the dead, but that she had not expressed her feelings to him.

Previously, Joy had undergone surgery to make his eyes look younger and had paid for the two of them to go on a vacation. It was also revealed that Maribel Ramos had been drinking that night and was anxious.

She was also suicidal and could have died as a result of a medical condition. Orange County Deputy District Attorney Scott Simmons, on the other hand, reported that she was terrified by what Joy did that night.

Joy's lawyer, Adam Vining, argued in court that Joy had nothing to do with her death and that he had just moved Maribel's already dead body.

Authorities discovered the body after performing an online search on a public library computer. Joy was the one who conducted the search on the internet. It was the 16th of May, 2013.

Simmons said,

The defendant did a virtual drive-by of where he dumped the body.

Joy had looked up the length of time it took for a body to decompose. He also looked at the location where he had dumped his roommate's body after learning of a search party for her on the internet. Maribel Ramos's body was discovered 45 minutes later by the police.

Joy was apprehended the next day. He had, however, always claimed that he had nothing to do with the matter from the start. He claimed she was his best friend and that he would never do anything to harm her. Joy also claimed his innocence in a letter to the judge and Eyewitness News. A plea for a fresh trial, however, was denied.

The deceased’s sister, Lucero Gonzalez, said,

He killed my sister, and then he sits there and says he is the person who misses her the most? It’s disgusting.

Joy was eventually found guilty of one count of second-degree murder in the death of Maribel Ramos. He was sentenced to 15 years to life in state prison.

Joy stated,

Family wants me to apologize, which I cannot apologize for something I haven’t done. Maybe someday the truth will come out, maybe I’ll just die inside prison.

How Did Maribel Ramos Die?

Maribel Ramos, 36, had fought in the Iraq War. She was a student at Cal State Fullerton, where she was studying criminal justice at the time of her death.

She was last seen on surveillance tape on May 2, 2013, when she went to drop off a rent check for her resident in Orange. Her family reported her missing the next day after she was seen absent on various occasions in Santa Ana.

Maribel Ramos had gotten into a fight with her roommate about the rent that day. Paul Lopez, her boyfriend, was also aware of the conflict. Maribel had contacted 911 on April 23, reporting that she was terrified and slept with a knife for safety following an argument with the same roommate.

Ramos' rotting body was later discovered in Modjeska Canyon in the Santa Ana Mountains in May. The site was covered with barbed wire, and her cause of death was never confirmed due to the state of her body. In reality, dental documents were required to authenticate her identification in the first place.

We can go deep into the case in detail in the second episode of Netflix's Worst Roommate Ever.

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