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Randell Vidrine from Tulane University: Where is He Now?

Mar 8, 2022 @ 5:05 EST
Randell Vidrine from Tulane University: Where is He Now?

Many viewers are wondering where Randell Vidrine is now after witnessing the 1976 Tulane University murder on Worst Roommate Ever. The Netflix show depicts the disturbing and violent story of serial squatter Jamison Bachman. He witnessed the tragic scene between Ken Gutzeit and Randell Vidrine at Tulane University in New Orleans which forever changed him from a bright and talented guy to violent fraud. Reddit users seek wiki and all available info concerning Randell Vidrine and his whereabouts now.

The final two episodes of the new Netflix series Worst Roommate Ever feature Jamison Bachman's case. Bachman, a clever attorney, tricked people into letting him stay with them, then refused to leave, utilizing his tenancy law knowledge to make their lives a living hell. So, what exactly drove him to commit acts of brutality and torture on others?

Bachman witnessed a particularly violent murder when he was a young man, and some feel the experience influenced him for the rest of his life.

According to reports, he witnessed the murder of Ken Gutzeit, when stabbed by Randell Vidrine. Here is everything we know about the case.

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Randell Vidrine Now: Jamison Bachman's Life-Changing Incident, What Actually Happened Between Ken Gutzeit and Randell Vidrine?

On a Saturday evening in January 1976 in New Orleans, several members of the Sigma Chi fraternity were eating supper in their dining room on Tulane's fraternity row.

Jamison Bachman, a student at the time, was having dinner with one of his high school friends, Ken Gutzeit, at the frat house when a man stepped in and violently, stabbed Gutzeit in front of everyone, leaving a bloody scene.

According to the Shreveport Times, a group of 25 people students at the residence, where Gutzeit was stabbed by Randell Vidrine, 25, leaving him stumbling on the porch while his fraternity brothers tried to stop the bleeding.

Gutzeit was stabbed in the side of the neck, severing his carotid artery. The argument started over dining regulations at the Tulane Library, where Randell Vidrine, a part-time student, worked as an assistant.

Gutzeit had entered the Tulane library a few months before, eating a bag of cheese snacks, when Vidrine instructed him to either stop eating or leave the building. When Gutzeit returned to eat for the second time, he refused to leave, so Vidrine summoned the university police.

According to the article in The New York Times, Randell Vidrine was walking back to his apartment when he passed the frat house where he saw Gutzeit. Gutzeit noticed Vidrine and tried to start a fight.

Randell Vidrine reached his apartment and took out a jackknife, which he tucked in his pocket. He passed the frat house again on his way to the library, where he attacked Gutzeit and left him bleeding to death on the porch.

How Did Randell Vidrine's Tulane University Incident Influence Jamison Bachman to Violently Fraud People?

Jamison Bachman had a bright career ahead of him in his early adult life, according to his childhood friend Bob F, who also appears in Worst Roommate Ever.

Bob recalls,

He was a sharp cookie.  He was charming.  He was good-looking.

Bachman's mindset changed after only a few months at Tulane. Bachman told Bob F. that someone had come out of the kitchen with a butcher knife that night, elaborating aspects of the story when he recalled witnessing the incident.

Bachman mentioned that his friend had been brutally murdered. Bob F. attributed Bachman's conversion into a dark and paranoid individual to this life-changing incident, but he admits later in the series that this tragedy did not justify Bachman's behavior.

Bachman went on to be a serial squatter, harassing roommates for years, scamming them, and failing to pay his rent. He sought methods to stay, refusing to go and terrifying people in their own houses because he was well-versed in the legal privileges provided to tenants. He got into fights with his roommates and eventually killed his brother.

Not sure how much impact the incident had on Jamison's life to commit the frauding crimes and later kill his own brother, but he definitely started changing right after he witnessed the murder of Ken Gutzeit. It seems like he started having dark senses and eventually started enjoying frauding people.

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