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Alex Miller from Worst Roommate Ever: Philadelphia Resident is One of Jamison Bachman's Victims!

Mar 7, 2022 @ 8:43 EST
Alex Miller from Worst Roommate Ever: Philadelphia Resident is One of Jamison Bachman's Victims!

Alex Miller from Worst Roommate Ever on Netflix is a Philadelphia resident and one of Jamison Bachman's victims. Alex Miller become involved in the serial squatter case after Jed Creek (Jamison Bachman's fake alias) approached her for rent in her Philadelphia home. Alex from Worst Roommate Ever was shocked to learn Jed Creek aka Jamison Bachman was jailed for killing his own brother, Harry Bachman. Reddit users seek Alex Miller's Facebook & Instagram profiles while some look for Alexandra Miller on social media.

When Jamison Bachman aka Jed Creek was caught for his brother's murder, Alex Miller from Worst Roommate Ever on Netflix felt a huge sense of satisfaction. Jamison hounded, bullied, and even attacked her home after she rented to him.

Worst Roommate Ever: Roommate Wanted, a Netflix original series, recounts Jamison's harrowing encounters and exposes how, using his legal expertise, he had become a serial squatter – every homeowner's cruelest nightmare.

If you're interested in this case and wondering where Alex Miller is right now, we've got you covered.

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Worst Roommate Ever: Alex Miller, a Philadelphia Resident, was One of Jed Creek aka Jamison Bachman's Victims!

Alex Miller, a Philadelphia homeowner, became involved in the serial squatter case in 2017 when an attorney named Jed Creek approached her through her Craigslist advertising, expressing interest to become her renter.

Alex bumped into Jed at a nearby Starbucks, and after examining her home, the "lawyer" appeared keen to issue her an $800 check. However, things quickly escalated, and Jed became reluctant to pay his bills or rent.

Concerned and burdened with an unpleasant tenant, Alex enlisted the help of her mother, who discovered that Jed was a fictitious name and the man living with a fake alias was Jamison Bachman.

Jamison was well-known at the time, and the animosity between him and Alex quickly turned to deadly proportions.

Alex eventually lodged a complaint and filed a restraining order against her tenant, and because he continued to breach the order, he was detained and charged criminally.

What is Alex Miller Doing Now?

According to the Netflix show, Jamison Bachman was jailed for breaking a restraining order, but his brother quickly got him out of jail. Alex Miller's mother became extremely concerned about the situation and urged her daughter to leave their Philadelphia home.

Although Alex was against wanting to move, the property management declined to extend her lease, compelling her to leave, according to the episode.

As a result, when the authorities notified Alex of Jamison's arrest upon killing his brother, she was startled and shocked because his brother had been his lone supporter throughout.

Alex appears to be residing in Philadelphia right now, accompanied by her friends and family. She is resolved to let go of the past and is optimistic about a brighter future.

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