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Callie Quinn from Worst Roommate Ever: Meet Youssef Khater's Survivor Following Chile Incident!

Mar 7, 2022 @ 9:33 EST
Callie Quinn from Worst Roommate Ever: Meet Youssef Khater's Survivor Following Chile Incident!

Callie Quinn from Worst Roommate Ever on Netflix is a Texas native who visited Chile after graduation, where she bumped into Youssef Khater. In Episode 3 titled Marathon Man, Callie from Worst Roommate Ever recounts her story when her roommate turned out to be the evil Youssef Khater.

Netflix's latest anthology true-crime series, Worst Roommate Ever, delivers on its promise of examining those truly puzzling situations that illustrate the way people are not always what they appear.

It doesn't matter if you've just met someone or have known them for a long time; you can never tell if they have absolute darkness lying beneath their skin, just waiting to emerge.

Unfortunately for Callie Quinn, as described in the episode Marathon Man, this unsuspected evil arrived in Chile in the shape of one of her roommates, Youssef Khater.

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Worst Roommate Ever: Callie Quinn is One of Youssef Khater's Survivors!

Callie Quinn, a native of Canyon Lake, Texas, a little town south of Austin, has always had a fascination for actual travel visiting new countries and living there to learn about the culture.

As a result, after graduating from the University of Texas with a geography major in early 2011, she packed her stuff and relocated to the safest country in South America.

Despite the fact that Quinn knew no one in Chile, her people skills allowed her to secure not just an English-language teaching position but also a room in a 12-bed hostel-style house within a month.

That's where the 23-year-old met Youssef Khater, a Danish man in his early 30s who was older than everyone else and talked about being a hero during his time in the Marines.

Callie Quinn didn't like Youssef at first because she thought he overstated most of his missions, but that quickly changed when she discovered his social personality.

Things began to spiral in the summer, shortly after they discussed her and another roommate moving into one of the two apartments he claimed to have purchased as an investment.

Youssef had received about $1,000 from Callie Quinn and the other roommate as their first month's rent and security deposit, but he kept creating reasons to put off their move.

He then told them that everything will be fixed soon because he had borrowed money from other housemates and he had started working with them to resolve the matter.

Youssef told Callie on July 20 that he'd take her to the real estate office that evening to show her where she could get the apartment keys the next morning to begin their move, and that he'd also give her a bag of cash to pay back what he owed.

After they completed both of the jobs, Youssef suggested they have dinner/drinks together before going to the house that had burned down a week before.

Even though it was a neighborhood store and not a residence, Callie Quinn followed him since Youssef had heard there was a golden toilet seat hidden inside in the dark that they had to see.

When they found everything was normal, Youssef struck her over the head with a metal weapon, choked her until she passed out, then buried her alive under tarp and ash to save himself.

Where is Callie Quinn Now?

Callie Quinn thankfully not only survived the attack, but she also recovered completely and went on to fight for justice, even if it only resulted in Youssef Khater doing 600 days in prison.

His acts were intentional, as evidenced by the fact that he lured her inside the vacant store and stole her ID cards so she couldn't be identified.

It was unsurprising that Youssef was found guilty of attempted murder. Despite this, Callie Quinn has been diagnosed with PTSD, and she is especially uncomfortable around people with huge brows. Considering all of this, Callie appears to be doing well these days, despite a few more post-traumatic symptoms.

Callie Quinn also appears to have returned to Texas, where she works in the healthcare profession after earning the required credentials to combine her passion for science with teaching. She is also determined to tell the world about her ordeal today so that no one else falls prey to people like Youssef's deception.

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