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Hen Ikeir on The Witcher: How is Ciri Related to Elder Blood?

Dec 21, 2021 @ 7:09 EST
Hen Ikeir on The Witcher: How is Ciri Related to Elder Blood?

Hen Ikeir refers to Elder Blood on The Witcher Season 2. Triss reveals Ciri carries Hen Ikeir. It was believed Elder Blood was lost through generations. Some fans misspell the name as "henniker."

The Witcher is known for providing us with the edge-of-the-seat stuff throughout the first season, and the season 2 conclusion did not disappoint. Some fans were so impatient to find out what transpired with Ciri that they switched off the TV as soon as the cliffhanger ended.

Those who turned off Netflix and didn't witness the end credits likely missed the teaser for The Witcher spin-off Blood Origin, in which all loose ends are sure to be resolved.

Meanwhile, we previously addressed the filming locations, Yennefer's age and whether or not she regains her magic. In addition, we touched on the White Flame, the Roach's death, and the Deathless Mother.

Hen Ikeir on The Witcher: What Does It Mean?

Elder Blood, or Hen Ikeir, is a mythical gene that grants the bearer magical abilities. At the conclusion of the second season, Istredd aka Royce Pierreson gets spotted eavesdropping on the elves while informing them about Ciri.

Ciri is Hen Ikeir, which implies she is of Elder Blood, according to Istredd. Ciri is the one who rescues them, Francesca realizes, for she is the one Ithlinne predicted. However, if Ciri's abilities fall into the wrong hands, things might go horribly wrong, as the finale's conclusion reveals.

This culminates in an incredible fight sequence, which has fans of The Witcher eagerly anticipating the spin-off. Ciri's blood spills while training, and Vesemir finds a very rare flower named Feainnewedd blossoming where her blood dropped. Ciri possesses Elder Blood, according to Triss.

The elder elves had manufactured a mutant gene with the goal of producing a Child of Elder Blood, and it was considered that Elder Blood had been shed over generations.

Lara Dorren, a feminine elf, was the final of those to acquire Elder Blood. Ciri and Triss encountered her in episode 5 of season 2 of The Witcher, and it turned out Ciri had Elder Blood as well.

How Does Ciri Have Hen Ikeir?

Ciri's Elder Blood aka Hen Ikeir is exposed as she starts her Kaer Morhen apprenticeship in The Witcher Season 2. Ciri is pretty strong since she carries Elder Blood, which she obtained from her elven witch ancestor Lara Dorren.

Ciri's Hen Ikeir is also referred to as 'Hen Ichaer' or 'Lara Gene,' a unique gene handed down from Dorren.

Ciri carries the Elder Blood gene, which isn't exclusive to elves. Instead, it bestows magical abilities on its offspring that can only be found in females.

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