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Harald Sigurdsson from Vikings Valhalla: Everything About Harald Hardrada!

Feb 28, 2022 @ 10:26 EST
Harald Sigurdsson from Vikings Valhalla: Everything About Harald Hardrada!

Harald Sigurdsson is one of the main characters from the historical drama series, Vikings Valhalla. The character's father is Sigurd Syr. Leo Suter is the actor who played the role of Harald in Vikings Valhalla, and now, the Netflix show along with him has been rising to prominence.

The historical drama series, The Vikings released its first episode on 3rd March 2013 and has a total of six episodes. Recently, on 25th February, a new series, Vikings Valhalla premiered and has been catching everyone's heed on Netflix.

Since the name has the word Vikings similar in both these series, people have mistaken this new series to be a sequel of The Vikings. However, there's no connection in the story plotline of The Vikings and Vikings Valhalla. So, even if you haven't watched The Vikings, you are all ready to watch this new series.

The story follows the lives of eminent travelers in the Viking age, to be specific in the 11th century when the rivalry between the Vikings and the English people reached the maximum point. Moreover, there's a strong disagreement on Christians and pagans too, and these all add up in bringing thrill to the series.

Harald Sigurdsson is one of the main characters of the series, and this character is portrayed by the eminent actor, Leo Suter (learn his gay rumors and speculated girlfriend). Let's find out who exactly Harald Sigurdsson is in the series. You may want to check out his sister Freydis, too.

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Harald Sigurdsson from Vikings Valhalla

Bringing a smile to everyone's faces who is into the fantasy genre, Netflix's new eminent American historical drama series, Vikings Valhalla released its eight episodes teeming with extreme thrill, wars, and twists in the plot.

Basically, this historical drama series shows the lives of travelers and the wars between the English people and the Vikings, along with having the superiority and inferiority complex between the Christians and Pagans.

In the first episode of Vikings Valhalla, the series introduces Harald Sigurdsson as a Viking. Harald being extra-ordinary in fights and armors, his instinct inclined him to dream about being the King of Norway.

The dream wasn't just confined to fantasizing about how Harlad would look if he was the King of Norway but in the episodes, we can see that he gives his best, and takes every stern initiative to reach there.

In the series, Harald visits Kattegat, a kingdom where the environment was peaceful between the Vikings of the different religious groups. Conversely, within the blink of an eye, the whole situation changed when there is a conflict between Leif and his sister Freydis. Working as a mediator in solving their disagreement, Harald was neutral in helping them with their conflicts.

While there's a strong dispute between the Christain and Pagans, it is Harald Sigurdsson who tends to treat both the religion equally and his other fellow Vikings too. In the series, Harald Sigurdsson becomes treason for the plan of invading  Kattegat.

Thus, he ends up getting scars and wounds on his body, but Freydis helps him cover the wounds, and they were seen escaping the war.

Who is the Actor Playing the Role of Harald Sigurdsson in Vikings Valhalla?

Portraying himself as one of the lead roles in Vikings Valhalla with the character of Harald Sigurdsson, the British actor, Leo Suter (@leo.suter) was handed the beautiful opportunity to add lucrative to his acting career from one of the best American historical dramas.

Suter began his acting journey from the age of eleven, and just after playing in his school play, Leo signed the professional contract.

While he may be presently portraying the role of Harald Sigurdsson in Vikings Valhalla, Leo has appeared in other series as well, for instance, Round and Round The Garden, Maleficent, Fallen, and I'll Find You.

Not only is his career confined to playing movies, but Leo has also played a total of eight television series. Subsequently, apart from other series, and movies, he has been playing one of the lead roles in Vikings Valhalla.

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