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Where Is Jeffrey Dahmer Buried? Who Killed Him and Why? Netflix Update!

Sep 25, 2022 @ 6:15 EDT
Where Is Jeffrey Dahmer Buried? Who Killed Him and Why? Netflix Update!

After the release of the series on Netflix, many people want to know where Jeffrey Dahmer's dead body is buried. Unfortunately, he never got buried. According to Wikipedia, Jeffrey's body was cremated in Portage, Wisconsin, and his ashes were given to his parents. Follow to know who killed Jeffrey and why he did it.

Various scenes from the original reporting of the terrible murders committed by Jeffrey Dahmer over a period of years and found in July 1991 are included in the 10-part miniseries Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, which premiered on Netflix on September 21.

While Jeffrey committed his first murder in 1978, he terrorized Ohio and Wisconsin communities for a further 13 years before being arrested in July 1991. According to experts, Jeffrey's desire to control his partner led him to drill holes in the heads of his victims and inject them with acid to keep them in a vegetative condition in his apartment.

Jeffrey Dahmer is widely recognized as one of the most heinous serial killers in American history. He was eventually convicted of 17 consecutive life sentences in 1991 after admitting guilt to the rape, murder, dismemberment, and consumption of numerous victims. However, he only lived to complete three years of those sentences. You might be curious how Jeffrey Dahmer passed away given that he wasn't given the death penalty for his heinous acts and where he is buried. Well, we've got you covered.

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Jeffrey Dahmer’s Dead Body Was Never Buried as It Was Cremated in Portage, Wisconsin, and His Ashes Were Given to His Parents: Who Killed the Serial Killer & Why? Netflix Update!

As soon as the Netflix series dropped, people have been obsessed with Jeffrey Dahmer and his story. Likewise, they want to know where is buried. Well, The Milwaukee Cannibal never got buried. According to Wikipedia, his dead body was cremated in Portage, Wisconsin, and his ashes were given to his parents.

On November 28, 1994, a fellow prisoner named Christopher Scarver beat Dahmer to death. Both guys were imprisoned at Wisconsin's Columbia Correctional Facility. Dahmer did not receive the death sentence despite committing heinous crimes, even though he wished for it. Wisconsin was the first state to abolish the death penalty in 1853.

Around the same time that Jeffrey Dahmer entered the prison in 1992, Scarver, who was also there serving a 25-year term for an armed robbery that turned deadly, also joined. The safety of the serial killer was a top priority for the prison officials. At the time, Dahmer had spent his first year in prison in protective isolation, according to a New York Times report. Authorities reasoned that by killing him, one of the most infamous killers in the state, a convict may gain an honored status in the prison community.

Later, the 622 convicts were allowed to incorporate him because it was deemed safe by the authorities. An attempt was made to kill Dahmer in July 1992. An inmate attempted to slice Dahmer's throat with a makeshift plastic knife but failed. Prison staff anticipated it would be an isolated incident, and no one was hurt. Dahmer was known for disturbing his fellow prisoners. Scarver claimed that the serial killer would mock other prisoners by making prison food resemble severed limbs and pouring packets of ketchup to resemble blood. Scarver told the New York Post in 2015,

He would put them in places where people would be. He crossed the line with some people—prisoners, prison staff. Some people who are in prison are repentant—but he was not one of them.

Scarver tried to avoid Jeffrey Dahmer because of his behavior, but he constantly carried a news article about the cannibal's crimes in his pocket. Scarver erupted when he thought Dahmer had poked him in the back. He took a weight room metal bar and challenged Dahmer about his crimes. All it took was two blows of the bar to Dahmer's head. Dahmer was declared dead an hour after arriving at the hospital due to a fractured skull. He explained,

I asked him if he did those things ’cause I was fiercely disgusted. He was shocked. Yes, he was. He started looking for the door pretty quick. I blocked him. He ended up dead. I put his head down.

In the same incident, Jesse Anderson, another murderer on the block, also suffered serious injuries. Dahmer made it to the hospital and then died just an hour later. Anderson passed away two days later. After the incident, Scarver instantly confessed to why he killed him and claimed that god had told him to do it. He received two further life sentences.

Additionally, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is now available on Netflix.

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