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What Did Jeffrey Dahmer Drug His Victims With? What Drugs Did He Use? What Is Triazolam/Temazepam? How Many People Did He Kill? Netflix Update!

Sep 22, 2022 @ 8:47 EDT
What Did Jeffrey Dahmer Drug His Victims With? What Drugs Did He Use? What Is Triazolam/Temazepam? How Many People Did He Kill? Netflix Update!

Jeffrey Dahmer used to drug his victims with triazolam or temazepam which would immediately make them fall asleep. After giving them the drugs, he used to strangle them to death. He then used to cut them into pieces. Additionally, he also admitted, as shown in the Netflix series, to having s*x with the dead bodies.

Serial killers have long captivated audiences, with Netflix documentaries, TV shows, and movies focusing on prominent killers like Ted Bundy, Ed Kemper, and the Long Island serial killer. And now, a new series from Ryan Murphy centers on the notorious American serial killer  Jeffrey Dahmer. Murphy and Ian Brennan co-wrote DAHMER - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, which chronicles Dahmer's life and crimes as seen through the eyes of his victims.

According to the Netflix series, between 1978 to 1991, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was terrorized by a prolific serial killer. Despite being responsible for at least 17 men and boys' deaths in the states of Wisconsin and Ohio, Jeffrey Dahmer was always careful in his preparation and hardly ever deviated from his method.

According to Biography, Jeffrey Dahmer killed gay men between 1978 and 1991, some of them were as young as 14. He frequently collected gory mementos from his murders. It makes sense that people would be curious about what Jeffrey used to drug his victims with. Well, we've got you covered.

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Jeffrey Dahmer Drugged His Victims With Drugs Like Triazolam and Temazepam to Make Them Fall Asleep: How Many People Did He Kill? Netflix Update!

Before or soon after engaging in sexual intercourse with them, Jeffrey Dahmer would give his victim a triazolam or temazepam drug. He used sleeping medications to make his victims asleep, then strangled them to death in his apartment.

According to, he was born on May 21, 1960, to Lionel and Joyce Dahmer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Although he started off as an energetic and cheerful child, Jeffrey gradually became quieter. The website claims that he became tense, disconnected, and a loner. According to the New York Times, he participated in intramural tennis and the band in high school. After finishing a semester at Ohio State University, Jeffrey enlisted in the army and was later honorably discharged, according to the newspaper.

Around the age of 14, according to Jeffrey, he started having fantasies about murder and necrophilia. When Jeffrey murdered his first victim in 1978, everything got started. Hiker Steven Hicks was picked up by Jeffrey, who had just received his high school graduation and driven back to his parent's home in Ohio. After giving Hicks a drink and engaging in sexual activity with him, Jeffrey struck Hicks in the head and used a barbell to strangle him as he attempted to escape. In a 1993 interview with Inside Edition, he told,

I always knew that it was wrong. The first killing was not planned. I was coming back from the shopping mall back in ’78. I’d had fantasies about picking up a hitchhiker, taking him back to the house, and having complete dominance and control over him.

He killed 16 additional individuals between 1978 and 1991, and what's even more terrible (if that's possible) is that he reportedly had intercourse with some of their bodies, preserved certain body parts, and ate others. According to The Washington Post, one officer testified in court that he placed Crisco on the bicep, softened it with a meat tenderizer, and cooked it on a skillet. Dahmer further added that no one had a clue what was happening for over a decade.

According to Deseret News, by the time Jeffrey was arrested, he had murdered 17 men and boys, including Joseph Bradehoft, 25, of Milwaukee; Jamie Doxtator, 14; Richard Guerrero, 25; Anthony Hughes, 31; Oliver Lacy, 23; and many others.

During his 1992 Milwaukee trial, Jeffrey was ultimately charged with 15 counts of first-degree murder. According to sources, he initially entered a not guilty plea and later admitted guilt due to insanity. A jury found Jeffrey guilty on all charges after deliberating for 10 hours, and in May of that same year, in Ohio, he was given 15 consecutive life sentences and a 16th life sentence.

After the trial, Jeffrey was transferred to Portage, Wisconsin's Columbia Correctional Institution. He reportedly did well adapting to jail life. He was first isolated from the rest of the prisoners, but he persuaded authorities to let him interact with them. While imprisoned, Jeffrey developed a religion, and a local clergyman gave him permission to be baptized.

On November 28, 1994, fellow prisoner Christopher Scarver beat Jeffrey to death. Later, Scarver claimed to the New York Post that he killed Jeffrey because of his creepy humor, which included claiming that prison food was made of prosthetic limbs and smearing it in ketchup to make it look like blood.

Additionally, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is now available on Netflix.

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