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Was Jeffrey Dahmer Really Gay/Homosexual? Did He Actually Have S*x With His Victims?

Sep 25, 2022 @ 7:23 EDT
Was Jeffrey Dahmer Really Gay/Homosexual? Did He Actually Have S*x With His Victims?

Yes, Jeffrey Dahmer was really gay as he admitted that he was very attracted to men and boys. However, he never opened up about his sexuality to his parents. While his mother was very supportive of being gay, his father actually thought homosexuality was a sin. Additionally, he obviously had s*x with his victims, both before and after their death.

With the release of Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix, people are in a state of shock about how the documentary depicts the murders of a renowned serial murderer, Jeffrey Dahmer. The ten-episode limited series centers on the real-life account of the killings committed by Dahmer between 1978 and 1991. Despite the fact that this is not the first time Dahmer's life has been depicted on screen, Netflix's true crime drama provides a distinctive viewpoint into the horrible killer's deeds.

Between 1978 and 1991, Dahmer, also known as the Milwaukee Cannibal or the Milwaukee Monster, killed and dismembered 17 men and boys. He was also a serial sexual offender, and many of his later killings included cannibalism, necrophilia, and the long-term storage of body parts.

Having said that he was a sexual offender, one must realize that Jeffrey Dahmer did no harm to any women. All of his victims were either men or boys. No doubt, he had s*x with his victims. With this, you might wonder if he was actually gay/homosexual. Well, here is everything we know about his sexuality.

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Jeffrey Dahmer Admitted That He Was Gay/Homosexual: Did He Really/Actually Have Sex With His Victims?

Those who have already watched the series or have read about Jeffrey Dahmer know that he was gay/homosexual. The main reason he captured and killed all those 17 men & boys is that he wanted to control them and didn't want them to leave. Additionally, he did have s*x with them (before and after killing them).

After killing his victims, Jeffrey would give them alcohol that had been drugged. Jeffrey would have s*x with the victims after they passed away, dismember their bodies, and occasionally keep body parts like their skulls or genitalia as mementos. According to the New York Times, he would dispose of their bones in a 57-gallon drum that he had specifically purchased for that purpose.

In 1989, shortly after he had been found guilty of sexual assault and seducing a kid for immoral reasons, Dahmer came out as gay to a judge for the first time. Dahmer came out in an effort to obtain a less severe punishment. Two years later, two police officers were sent to Dahmer's house after his neighbors discovered Konerak Sinthasomphone, a 14-year-old boy who had escaped Dahmer's apartment while under the influence of drugs. The police left the scene after returning Sinthasomphone to Dahmer after Dahmer convinced them that the boy was his lover and was 19 years old. Dahmer then killed Sinthasomphone shortly after.

When Dahmer was 18 years old, his parents, Lionel Dahmer and Joyce Flint, got divorced. However, Dahmer's mother was more supportive of his sexuality than his father was. Dahmer and Joyce spoke on the phone in March 1991, during which Joyce reportedly informed her son that she had no difficulty accepting his gayness. Furthermore, Dahmer's fundamentalist Christian father, Lionel, frequently made disparaging remarks about gay men and lesbians during Dahmer's childhood and continued to do so even after Dahmer was found guilty.

According to Milwaukee Massacre, Dahmer never came out to his father because he felt he wouldn't accept it. In the 1994 special Inside, Evil: Jeffrey Dahmer, Lionel said,

I’ve always felt he was somewhat of a social misfit. I tried my damnedest to instill interests, in trying to become interested in something in life, education, trying to get him to accept Christ.

At the time, Lionel also revealed to journalist Stone Phillips that because he continued to think that homosexuality was a sin, he would have tried to change Dahmer if his son had revealed to him that he was gay. Dahmer moved in with his grandma following the divorce of his parents. In the 1994 NBC series, Dahmer and Dahmer, it was revealed that Dahmer's grandmother was religious and attended a fundamentalist church; occasionally, Dahmer would go with her. According to the series, Dahmer's grandma expelled him from her house after she spotted a man who was only partially naked there with him.

Jeffrey Dahmer's lawyer stated during the 1992 trial that the serial murderer found and accepted his homosexuality as a teenager, even though Dahmer hadn't come out until he was an adult. According to Milwaukee Massacre, Dahmer informed his probation officer in 1991 that he was gay and that's just the way he was.

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