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Seth Rich’s Girlfriend: Web of Make Believe Update!

Jun 17, 2022 @ 2:49 EDT
Seth Rich’s Girlfriend: Web of Make Believe Update!

Viewers of Netflix's Web of Make Believe seek information about Seth Rich's girlfriend after watching the show. Seth's phone record showed that he lastly called his girlfriend before his death at 2:05 in the night. However, Seth's parents and his girlfriend herself have not revealed his GF's identity hidden. Follow the article to know more about Seth Rich's girlfriend, his killer/murderer, and what WikiLeaks & NPR have to say about his death.

Even for someone with strong guts, Netflix's new 'Web of Make Believe: Death, Lies, and the Internet' is a difficult watch. The Netflix true-crime documentary series is scarier than any horror film because it follows real people available on the internet.

The documentary series presents five stories over the course of six episodes: tales of fraud, incitement to violence, conspiracy theories, sextortion, and how perfectly fine individuals may end up marching proudly alongside neo-nazis.

The first episode of the series follows the story of Seth Rich who got shot twice in the back before his death. Police, at the moment, stated that the incident occurred during the attempt of a robber. However, Seth's parents disagreed.

According to the show, Seth talked to his girlfriend for a few minutes before the incident occurred. As a result, many viewers of the show are curious to know about his girlfriend. Well, here is everything we know about Seth Ruth's girlfriend and more details on the incident.

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Who Is Seth Rich’s Girlfriend? Who Killed Him?

Seth Rich had been at a local bar until 1:45 a.m. on July 10th, according to officials. He was frequent at this place and preferred to stroll home after it closed. He called his father, who didn't respond, and then spoke with a few of his friends, according to phone records.

Seth then dialed his girlfriend's number at 2:05 a.m. They communicated till minutes before the incident because she was out of town at the time. However, no further information has been made public about Seth's girlfriend. Seth's family and his girlfriend have been successful so far to hide her identity.

As many conspiracy theories occurred after the death of Seth Rich, including someone purposedly got him killed, there's a chance his girlfriend might be in danger as well. Keeping her identity a secret might be a good decision for now. Now let's talk more about Seth's death and why his death might be a murder case.

Following the incident, various politically motivated conspiracy theories emerged, with many assuming that Seth's death was more than just a nighttime robbery. WikiLeaks released hundreds of hacked DNC emails a few weeks after the murder, prompting widespread outrage across the country.

Then, in August 2016, Julian Assange appeared to suggest in an interview that Seth Rich was involved in the leaks. The Russians, on the other hand, were discovered to be the source of the leak by the authorities. Wikileaks even offered a monetary reward for information about the case.

Eventually, various theories began to circulate on the internet. One of them even claimed that Hillary Clinton ordered Seth's murder because he had information about the email leaks, while another blamed the Russians. These suspicions seemed to die down until May 2017, when a private investigator, Rod Wheeler, claimed on Fox News that Seth's laptop included evidence linking him to WikiLeaks.

According to the news channel, a source claimed to have seen Seth Rich's communications with Wikileaks and claimed there was evidence of his leaking the emails. Rod, on the other hand, never viewed the laptop because it was in police custody.

There was no verifiable proof linking Seth to WikiLeaks in the end, and Fox News quickly retracted the story, saying, "The article was not initially subjected to the high degree of editorial scrutiny we require for all our reporting.” Seth's murder has remained unexplained since then, with authorities suspecting it was a botched robbery.

And lately, NPR reported that Seth Rich's parents are ready to talk about the settlement with Fox News as many viewers are curious to learn about it after watching the show.

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