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On June 22, 2022 By Bernd Mueller

Jack Burkman From Web of Make Believe: How Was the Republican Lobbyist Involved in Seth Rich’s Death? Why Did He Hire Kevin Doherty?

Jack Burkman, a Republican lobbyist, also created one of the conspiracy theories after the death of Seth Rich in 2016....
On June 18, 2022 By Natalia Ramanova

Kevin Doherty From Web of Make Believe: The Retired Marine Was Hired by Jack Burkman to Help to Find Seth Rich’s Killer!

Viewers wonder who actually Kevin Doherty is after watching Web of Make Believe on Netflix. Kevin, a retired Marine, was...
On June 17, 2022 By Marvin Cummings

Justin Rapp From Web of Make Believe: The Police Officer From Wichita, Kansas, Shot Andrew Finch to Death Which Resulted in a Lawsuit!

Justin Rapp was the police officer from Wichita, Kansas, who shot Andrew Finch after getting a fake swatting call from...
On June 17, 2022 By Steve Goodman

Seth Rich’s Girlfriend: Web of Make Believe Update!

Viewers of Netflix's Web of Make Believe seek information about Seth Rich's girlfriend after watching the show. Seth's phone record...
On June 16, 2022 By Natalia Ramanova

Tyler Barriss’ Ethnicity, Parents, Age & Grandmother: Here Is How His Hoax Call Led to Andrew Finch’s Death!

Netflix's Web of Make Believe portrays the story of Tyler Barriss, 28, and his doings in the first episode of...
On June 16, 2022 By Marvin Cummings

Adelina Finch From Web of Make Believe: Killed Herself After Getting Traumatized From the Death of Her Uncle, Andrew Finch!

Adelina Finch shot herself in 2019 just after a year after witnessing her uncle's death. Her uncle, Andrew Finch, was...
On June 16, 2022 By Claire Thompson

Reddit: Tyler Barriss From Web of Make Believe; Age, Ethnicity, Parents, Grandmother & More!

The first episode of Netflix's documentary, Web of Make Believe, portrays the story of Tyler Barriss, who gets an innocent...
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