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Andrew Finch’s Death: A Fake Swatting Call by Tyler Barriss Made Officer Justin Rapp Shoot an Innocent Man; Niece Adelina Finch Killed Herself After the Incident!

Jun 17, 2022 @ 4:53 EDT
Andrew Finch’s Death: A Fake Swatting Call by Tyler Barriss Made Officer Justin Rapp Shoot an Innocent Man; Niece Adelina Finch Killed Herself After the Incident!

Andrew Finch was killed by a Wichita officer, Justin Rapp, in a shooting that occurred after a swatting call by Tyler Barriss. Andrew was a single father to a son and a daughter. Tyler aka SWAuTistic, wanted to swat Shane Gaskill after his friend, Casey Viner, requested him to do so. A video was also made public where Andrew was shot just 7 seconds after he opened the door of his house.

Following their son's untimely demise, Andrew's parents filed a lawsuit against the Wichita police department. Similarly, Andrew's niece, Adelina Finch, also committed suicide after a year of witnessing her uncle's death. Follow the article to know more about Andrew Finch's death and how Netflix's Web of Make Believe portrays the story of his untimely death.

In its new docuseries, Web of Make Believe: Death, Lies, and the Internet, Netflix dives into the darkest and most frightening corners of the internet. Each of the six episodes of the anthology series goes into a rabbit hole of terrible internet practices, from white supremacist disinformation to IRS heists and swatting.

While Web of Make Believe contains fictionalized material, it is unmistakably based on true events, particularly in the first episode, which follows Tyler Barriss' case. Tyler made a fake phone call referring he killed his dad and has surrounded the house with kerosene. As a result, a police officer, Justin Rapp, shoots Andrew Finch thinking he was the one who called them.

Innocent Andrew died seventeen minutes after the shot. It took a few hours for the police to confirm that they killed an innocent man and the phone call they received was totally bluff. Many viewers of Netflix are now more interested in knowing Andrew Finch and his cause of death in depth. Well, we've got you covered.

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Andrew Finch Killed in a Shooting by the Wichita Police: Officer Justin Rapp Shot Him After Tyler Barriss Made a Swatting Call; How Did His Niece, Adelina Finch, Die?

On Dec. 28, 2017, during a Call of Duty World War II play, two teenagers, Casey Viner and Shane Gaskill, got into an argument. Casey requested Tyler Barriss to swat Shane. Barriss, on the other hand, was given an old location — 1033 W. McCormick — which he reported to police, stating there was a murder and hostage situation going on.

Andrew Finch, who lived at the address, was shot by Wichita police officer Justin Rapp shortly after going out onto his front porch with family and friends. Finch had no ties to the game or the people who were battling over it.

Andrew Finch was a decent guy out with his family on a December night when Wichita cops shot him dead at his home. He was a Wichita resident who lived on West McCormick Street with his family. He was having a fantastic time with his family, which included his mother and other extended family members, on the night of his death. He had two children, Danika and Aiden, as a single father.

That night, Andrew Finch heard police sirens outside his house and walked outside to see what had happened. After receiving a 911 call from a guy named Brian (Tyler), a special police unit surrounded the Finch's home at 1033 West McCormick Street.

The caller stated he had killed his father and was holding members of his family at gunpoint. He also inquired as to whether police were on their way to the residence, claiming that he had already poured gasoline all over it and threatened to burn it on fire.

On December 28, 2018, Wichita Police Department officer Justin Rapp shot and killed Mr. Finch in front of his home. Finch was a victim of swatting, to be specific.

That year, his untimely death drew widespread national and international attention. Given that he had no previous criminal or misbehavior record, the man died quietly and unexpectedly. Andrew's untimely and irresponsible death was blamed on the Wichita police.

The videos were also made public which were captured from the police officers' bodycam. The Finch family underwent a painful legal battle to bring justice to their loved one who had died.

Andrew Finch's heartbroken family filed a lawsuit against the Wichita Police Department for their faulty handling of the situation on December 28. Despite appearing in court, the officer who shot Andrew was not charged. Relatives and supporters of the Finch family disagree with the court's decision, insisting that Rapp be held accountable.

Meanwhile, Casey Viner was sentenced to two years of community service and one year and three months in prison by the court. Tyler Raj Barriss aka SWAuTistic, the swat caller, was also sentenced to 20 years in jail. CNN reported on the court proceedings and provided further information about his previous actions.

Just a year after, Andrew's niece, Adelina Finch, also committed suicide as she witnessed her uncle's death. She was traumatized and killed herself in 2019. Similarly, her boyfriend also committed suicide a few weeks after Adelina's death.

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