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Justin Rapp From Web of Make Believe: The Police Officer From Wichita, Kansas, Shot Andrew Finch to Death Which Resulted in a Lawsuit!

Jun 17, 2022 @ 12:45 EDT
Justin Rapp From Web of Make Believe: The Police Officer From Wichita, Kansas, Shot Andrew Finch to Death Which Resulted in a Lawsuit!

Justin Rapp was the police officer from Wichita, Kansas, who shot Andrew Finch after getting a fake swatting call from Tyler Barriss. Netflix's Web of Make Believe shows the story of a fake call that led to an innocent man's death in the second episode titled Death by SWAT. Casey Viner asked Tyler, a well-known swatter at that time, to threaten Shane Gaskill after they got into an argument over a game. Andrew's death later caused the suicide of his niece, Adelina Finch, who was traumatized after witnessing the incident. Later, Andrew's family filed a lawsuit against Justin. Follow the article to know what happened to Justin Rapp after the incident and where he is now.

Following the success of the previous Netflix intellectual docuseries Keep Sweet: Pray & Obey, this new Netflix culture documentary promises to be just as entertaining. This time, though, the subject matter will be considerably more personal, as Web of Make Believe: Death, Lies, And The Internet dives headfirst into the unnerving dissonance of the internet, which almost everyone utilizes every day.

This docuseries examines some of the deadliest crimes and criminals to arise from the internet, from the risks of SWATTing to the rise of a deadly misinformation era and virtual blackmail. Every episode of this six-part anthology series focuses on a different crime.

In the first episode titled Death by SWAT, when an online gamer, Tyler Barriss, makes a series of false 911 calls in order to draw SWAT forces to the homes of innocent people, his calculated deception ends in tragedy. A police officer, Justin Rapp, shoots an innocent man named Andrew Finch following the false information and he eventually dies.

Apart from the incident, many viewers are curious about who the police officer was and what actually happened to him after the incident. As mentioned above, Justin Rapp was the police officer who shot Andrew. Follow the article to know what happened to the officer after the incident.

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Web of Make Believe: Justin Rapp Shot Andrew Finch After Tyler Barriss Made a Swatting Call; Where Is the Police Officer Now?

A 911 dispatcher in Wichita, Kansas, got a disturbing call on December 28, 2017. A man on the other end of the call claimed he had killed his father and was holding his family hostage. Authorities went to the house after receiving an address and surrounded it.

Andrew Finch, a 28-year-old man who lived with his family inside, opened the door to see what was causing the disturbance. He was shot by a gunshot wound around 10 seconds later. An investigation later determined that no one was holding their family captive. The call had actually come from California, and it had been faked by a man named Tyler Barriss.

Two gamers, Shane Gaskill and Casey Viner were involved in the incident after losing a $1.50 bet on an online Call of Duty game. After he died in-game owing to Shane shooting him in a friendly fire incident, Casey called Tyler, who was renowned for swatting. When Shane found it, he gave Tyler his old address and pleaded with him to take action.

As a result, Tyler dialed 911 and provided the address. Andrew was living there with his family and had nothing to do with it. Officer Justin Rapp, who was on the force since 2010, shot Andrew by pulling the trigger on his gun seconds after he opened the door.

After officials learned the 911 call was a hoax, a heated investigation occurred. Despite Andrew's family's request, Justin's identity was not publicly published at first, as per city policy. Justin was eventually determined to be a veteran of the United States Army who had previously been on the television show COPS.

According to the Netflix documentary, Justin Rapp had been accused of using excessive force in the past. However, in April 2018, the district attorney decided that Justin would not face charges since he performed fairly under the circumstances. Justin later testified that he saw Andrew reach for the police officers with his right arm. As a result, Justin fired the trigger once, killing Andrew, afraid that Andrew might endanger their lives by opening fire.

After the shooting, Justin Rapp was sent on paid leave and assigned administrative duties. He sued the city for lost wages in October 2019, claiming that despite being cleared by April 2018, he was not allowed to return to regular duties or his second job until October 2018. Andrew's family then filed a lawsuit, stating that Justin had violated Andrew's Fourth Amendment rights.

A judge ruled in June 2020 that Justin Rapp would not be granted qualified immunity and that the lawsuit may proceed. The lawsuit went on to discuss several more officer-related shooting incidents in Wichita, claiming that many of them were the result of excessive force.

Justin Rapp was sued for $25 million by his family. Since the incident, Justin has remained out of the spotlight. He remained a city cop until he got a job as a police officer at a local university in Wichita. Aside from that, Justin has maintained a low profile while the court proceedings are ongoing.

Similarly, just after a year of the death of Andrew, his niece, Adelina Finch, also committed suicide as she was traumatized after witnessing the incident. Her boyfriend also later killed himself and the Finch family was totally heartbroken.

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