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Ms. Park from All of Us Are Dead: The Actress' Real Name is Lee Sang-hee!

Feb 2, 2022 @ 13:30 EST
Ms. Park from All of Us Are Dead: The Actress' Real Name is Lee Sang-hee!

Ms. Park in All of Us Are Dead forgives Na-yeon for her act of killing Gyeong-san. Ms. Park even stops Na-yeon from attempting suicide and encourages all the students to stick together and fight against zombies. South Korean actress Lee Sang-hee plays Ms. Park in the Netflix series.

All of Us Are Dead is a zombie apocalypse horror streaming television series set in South Korea in the year 2022. The core cast of the horror thriller includes Yoon Chan-young, Park Ji-hoo, Cho Yi-Hyun, Park Solomon, and Yoo In-soo.

The Netflix series premiered on January 28, 2022, and is based on Joo Dong- Geun's Naver webtoon Now at Our School, which was published between 2009 and 2011.

All of Us Are Dead depicts a group of high school students who are trapped into a zombie apocalypse after a research experiment goes horribly wrong. The story is set in a high school with chaotic social dynamics.

All of Us Are Dead co-director Lee Jae-kyoo purposefully picked lesser-known actors in the hopes of making the show feel more authentic and disturbing.

It appears that he got what he desired, with a cast of up-and-coming young Korean actors who did an excellent job in their roles.

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Ms. Park in All of Us Are Dead Plays Small Yet Very Crucial Role to Team-Up Students

Ms. Park, played by Lee Sang-hee, is an English teacher in Hyson High School who plays a critical role to stick students together to fight against the armies of zombies. Na-yeon asks that Gyeong-su should be expelled from the gang as an infected zombie-to-be after he receives a scratch during a fight with a zombie.

The majority of the group, on the other hand, is very certain that he can't be infected without actually having been bitten and that the virus moves so quickly that he would already be displaying indications of it.

Ms. Park makes a diplomatic effort to have Gyeong-su stay for 10 minutes in the recording room in case anything happens to him. She tries to frame it as a test of trust, but the other students have mostly moved on.

But Na-yeon can't take the thought of losing her status as a wealthy kid if she has to own her words and apologize to the despised welfie. So she does the unimaginable and uses her handkerchief to soak up some spilled zombie blood, then massages it into Gyeong- san's scratch under the premise of curing it.

He becomes undead in minutes, and it's up to Cheong-san, his best buddy, to lure him out the window and onto the ground below.

Nam-ra, the school's glum president, realizes she saw what Na-yeon did and accuses her of murdering Gyeon-san, which she is correct about. As the tide turns against Na-yeon, she blames her lack of friends and exits the room, intending on committing suicide by the zombie.

Ms. Park, as shocked as she is by Na-yeon's actions, does not allow this to happen.  She tells the group, "don’t die and don’t let anyone die. If you cause someone else to die, living becomes meaningless."

Ms. Park runs out to Na-yeon's rescue in the last seconds, as the lights from a helicopter fill the room where the students are locked away.

Who is Lee Sang-hee Who Plays Ms. Park in All of Us Are Dead?

Lee Sang-hee (@sangheeya) is a well-known actress in the Korean entertainment industry. She has portrayed dynamic parts in a number of films and drama shows. Manshin was her first film which was released in 2013.

She has been more famous and active since then, appearing in a number of additional films. My Love, My Bride, Coin Locker Girl, Madonna, Shadow Island, The Long Way Home, One Way Trip, Seoul Station, Come, Together, How to Breath Underwater, Golden Slumber, Eyelids, Tazza: One-Eyed Jack, Family Affair, Decibel, etc are just a few of her movies.

Lee Sang-hee is also well-known for her work in drama series. A Piece of Your Mind, Diary of a Prosecutor,Secret Royal Inspector Joy, Life, Mr. Sunshine, When the Devil Calls Your Name, 20th Century Boy and Girl, Falsify, etc are among the drama series.

She also appeared in the television movie Drama Special: A Dance from Afar. She was named Best New Actress of the Year 2017 for her outstanding performance in Our Love Story.

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