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Emily in Paris: Lily Collins' Boob Job is Trending But is It True?

Dec 25, 2021 @ 11:08 EST
Emily in Paris: Lily Collins' Boob Job is Trending But is It True?

Fans wonder if Lily Collins got a boob job after watching Emily in Paris Season 2 on Netflix. So, is there any truth to Lily Collins getting plastic surgery in the form of breast implants or breast augmentation? Let's find out.

Emily in Paris Season 2 has arrived on Netflix, taking us on a beautiful trip to France in the thick of the Christmas blockbusters.

There are many more triangular love stories, or as Lily Collins (currently the subject of weight loss) refers to them, "geometry," and, of course, more vibrant clothing.

Fans who have seen all 10 episodes have begun investigating the cast members, with some eager to start chatting about Lily Collins' supposed boob job.

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Lily Collins's Boob Job is Trending: Did the Emily in Paris Cast Get Breast Implants?

Some fans believe the 32-year-old starlet Lily Collins has improved her appearance. However, there is no proof to back up these assertions, so they will remain just that - rumors.

When stars show off a new appearance, they are frequently besieged with outlandish accusations about them. After all, actors get paid to alter your perception of them. Collins' appearance was rumored to have changed online, according to several outlets.

Lily Collins' Instagram snap sparked even more attention in the British-American performer, with some suggesting an eyebrow lift was visible. To be honest, we couldn't discern the variation in the before and after pictures.

With the launch of Emily in Paris season 2, a breast enhancement rumor has sprung up on the internet. Some viewers are unable to let it go. We're here, however, doing our best to discover the truth.

So, following our close inspection, we can most definitely ascertain that it's looks more like a case of a push up bra rather than a boob job.

Is Emily in Paris at the Forefront of Hate-Watch?

In 2020, French and American reviewers panned Emily In Paris, prompting debate about whether people tuned in to hate-watch the series or because it had become a perfect treat as a means of guilty pleasure.

The comedy show was not just bashed by cinema and television critics; fashion magazines were also critical of the protagonists' attire.

Emily's preference of heels, according to Mathilde Carton, editor in chief of French Grazia, was too vibrant, too fancy, too whimsical, and not adaptable enough to be worn throughout the day.

With so many scathing reviews, it's easy to see why the series was labeled as a guilty pleasure. Why not relax and take it all in?

Emily in Paris Season 2: The Boob Scene That Trended on Social Media

Yes, you read it correctly: episode 3 features the "boob scene," as it's been termed by fans. Emily (Lily Collins) joins Camille and her pals at a Moroccan jacuzzi for a spa day. The Parisians aren't afraid to take it all.

The other characters' breasts are exposed for the duration of a three-minute scenario, but Emily keeps her robe on.

According to Travel+Leisure, France boasts 397 public nudist beaches, ranking it one of the most nudist-friendly nations in the world. However, there were simply extravagant boobs for some EIP enthusiasts.

Emily in Paris is currently streaming on Netflix.

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