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Joe Locke's Gay Rumors, Dating Life & Sexuality: Is the Heartstopper Cast Straight & Single?

Apr 27, 2022 @ 14:28 EDT
Joe Locke's Gay Rumors, Dating Life & Sexuality: Is the Heartstopper Cast Straight & Single?

Joe Locke, one of the leading characters in Netflix's Heartstopper, has recently been accused of being gay after Netflix released the series on its streaming platform. Some fans believe that the 18-year-old star might be dating his co-star, Sebastian Croft, while others believe he's straight and single. The two co-stars are really having a good time with each other as seen on their Instagram. However, Joe has never given any statement about his dating life as well as sexuality. Let's find out everything about Joe Locke's relations details and gay rumors.

Netflix's Heartstopper is probably the year's most immediately appealing new television show. Much of this is tone: it's a very pleasant, endearing piece of television that's easy to enjoy and difficult to ignore. Heartstopper is lively and pleasant, full of sunshine and vivid colors, with a welcome lightness of touch that distinguishes it from other works in the genre.

Most significantly, it possesses one of the most elusive, difficult-to-define-but-easy-to-notice traits a television show can possess which is immensely watchable.

The Netflix series is based on the graphic books of the same name by YA novelist Alice Oseman and follows the story of Nick Nelson (Kit Connor) and Charlie Spring (Joe Locke), two teens in an all-boys school. The story follows Charlie, a charming but shy young boy teen who meets and falls in love with Nick, a popular boy.

As Heartstopper is an LGBT-based series, many viewers have been curious to know about Joe Locke's sexuality, dating life, and gay rumors.

Previously, we touched on Kit Connor's gay speculations and partner. Likewise, we looked at Yasmin Finney's trans gender and a possible Season 2.

Heartstopper: Joe Locke's Partner, Dating Life, Sexuality!

Despite the fact that Joe Locke has only just made a breakthrough in his profession, he has been regarded as one of the most anticipated performers. People regularly wonder about Locke's personal life, including his dating life as a result of his success in his professional life.

Joe Locke (@joelocke03), like Kit Connor, has chosen to keep his sexual orientation a secret. For Locke, playing Charlie was a difficult task as an actor, especially given the disparities between himself and the role. Locke, who sees himself as an extrovert, transforms into an introverted young guy in Netflix's teen drama Heartstopper.

Furthermore, in Alice Oseman's graphic novel-based series, Joe is a quiet and geeky student who is the only openly homosexual student in an all-boys grammar school, but the actor hasn't spoken publicly about his sexuality in real life, making it impossible to know whether Joe is gay or not.

Just because Joe played and fitted very well as a gay teenager does not mean he is gay in real life. Similarly, many found his on-screen romance with Kit Connor incredible and even suspected that they were dating in real life. In addition to that, because of the fact that Joe has not responded about his sexuality even after all the gossip led viewers to spread more rumors.

Talking about his partner, Joe Locke is currently not dating anybody officially and has kept his relationship a secret. Regardless, it's been reported that Joe is dating Sebastian Croft (@sebastiancroft), a co-star from the Heartstopper. Sebastian and Joe appeared to be exceptionally close and regularly upload photographs with one other on their Instagram in comparison to their other co-stars, which sparked the rumors. However, neither actor has confirmed the relationship.

Therefore, Joe Locke does not have any partner and is single as of 2022. However, his sexuality and whether he is straight is yet to be confirmed. With that, we shall find our answers about his gay rumors as well. We will inform you as soon as we get any official statements from our sources.

Joe Locke On Gender and Playing Gay Characters

In addition to acting, Joe Locke is also a fashion model. Locke has also been on the covers of magazines such as Gay Times, Attitude, and others. In Netflix's highly anticipated LQBTQ+ drama Heartstopper, Joe Locke plays the role of Nick Nelson. Charlie Spring, played by Kit Connor, and Nick Nelson's charming relationship is the centerpiece of Netflix's British drama, Heartstopper.

The show is now available on Netflix and has eventually become the favorite of many viewers. Also, the show is trending in multiple countries like the UK, the United States, and many more.

Nick and Charlie are challenged with a succession of obstacles, one after the other, that are threatening their love. The story follows their efforts to keep their friendship despite the hardships they face along the way.

The Heartstopper star talked about how he identifies with Charlie in an interview with Behind The Blinds. He says he wanted to be a part of this show because he believed there weren't many shows that showed the positive aspects of growing up queer. He said,

I think it's really important to push the idea that you're allowed happiness, no matter who you are or what you identify as or your sexuality.

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