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Is It Cake Tomato Controversy: Cheating Scandal Exposed!

Mar 28, 2022 @ 16:32 EDT
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Is It Cake Tomato Controversy: Cheating Scandal Exposed!

Is It Cake? is currently in a controversy regarding faux tomatoes. The premiere of the show sees a contestant Jonny Manganello putting tomatoes made of jelly on the real tacos to make the real tacos appear fake, which the audiences considered to be a bit of cheating. The show has not addressed that particular act and viewers are not happy that the same contestant won that round.

Is It Cake? is a new baking competition Netflix series in a game show-style hosted by Mikey Day and created by Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz. The show is all about contestants baking cake that looks the least like cake and the judges going on about it by wondering 'is it cake.'

Common and everyday objects like handbags, designer shoes, and fast food items are given or rather shown to the contestants of the show and their task is to bake a cake replicating those items. Inside it's all cake but on the outside, it should be the spitting image of the objects they are given.

They should be successful in tricking celebrity judges to think that their cake is not actually a cake if they want to win a cash prize.

The winners of each episode are given $5000 plus an opportunity to win more money by correctly distinguishing a real display of cash from a cake that's created to look like a display of cake. The ultimate winner of the season is awarded $50000.

Is It Cake was released on Netflix on March 18, 2022.

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What is the Is It Cake Controversy Caused By Tomato About?

Is It Cake? is a show that is currently attracting too much attention because of the controversy that involves some tomatoes that are not even real. This game show-style baking competition has everything to do with pulling off a deception on the optics of cake by baking a cake to look like not a cake but another object.

What they do is the weirdest thing in life. Like there are people saving lives and they are making cakes look like other things. Wise and self-aware words from one of the contestants, not my words.

The cooking series, Is It Cake, has been a magnet for controversy for various reasons.  A lot of viewers are talking about how they just stopped watching the show midway because they found the show very biased and saw the show-makers favoring one contestant over the others despite the others making a more realistic-looking cake.

The show's failure to address the 'cheating' that happened in the premiere itself didn't do it any favor in keeping controversy at bay. This got the audiences more riled up and frustrated about the rules of the game.

In the very first episode of the baking contest series, Is It Cake, a self-taught baker called Jonny Manganello (@thejonnycakes) competed against other two bakers Sam Cade and Hemu Basu. where they were challenged to bake a cake replicating different fast foods.

From the available six options, Sam chose to make a replica of a cheeseburger, Hemu went with a breakfast sandwich whereas Jonny, now a very controversial competitor picked tacos.

He is quite an accomplished baker so it did not come as a surprise in any way when his baking run went really well. It was what he did afterward that scandalized the viewers watching.

Before presenting his taco cake to the judges to find out it was real or not, he put deeply red tomatoes; fake ones made out of jello, on one of the real tacos in hopes that they look fake because apparently, he didn't want the decoys looking perfect; perfect as in real like tacos, which was the job of his cake.

And put as in not just sprinkle them around a little bit, mind you, but pile a hefty bit right on top. This totally throws off the judges in the cake-guessing game just like he intended. This blatant cheating infuriated the audience to no extent. They are still going on about it.

Maybe this blasphemy to the rules of Netflix's Is It Cake? could have been forgotten with no need to be forgiven if it wasn't for Jonny winning this round. The fact that Jonny managed to win the round and pocket $10000 after that open bit of cheating wasn't taken well by the viewers.

They were disappointed that the show didn't mention that cheating at all. The show was not even like 'yeah, it's okay' but it completely glossed over it, which has confused the audiences about what exactly the rules of this competition are.

Speaking of the rules of Is It Cake, at no point of the show has it been mentioned that contestants weren’t allowed to modify the decoys, which means what Jonny did could be very well within the rules. But it really looks like violating the rules by principles which is why people are not letting it go.

A lot of people feel that was unfair and have stopped watching the show just because of that. So, if this was done deliberately to create a controversy and get more people talking about it, then it backfired. Faux tomatoes could create real damage to the show if this situation is not addressed imminently.

Is It Cake? is currently streaming on Netflix.

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