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Heartstopper Cast Sexuality: Are the Actors in Heartstopper Gay?

Apr 29, 2022 @ 15:40 EDT
Heartstopper Cast Sexuality: Are the Actors in Heartstopper Gay?

Viewers have been wondering about Netflix's Heartstopper cast's sexuality as each of them represents LGBTQ+ culture. However, none of the actors are gay, lesbian, or bisexual for now. On the other hand, Yasmin Finney is open about being a trans girl. Go through the article to know more about Hearstopper actors' sexuality in detail.

Last week, Heartstopper premiered on Netflix and became an instant success. It quickly rose to the top ten most-watched shows on the streaming platform. According to Variety, the teen rom-com was also the most-tweeted-about show over the weekend and has skyrocketed in popularity on TikTok.

On review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, it received a whopping 100 percent Fresh rating from critics, who praised it as an inclusive romance portrayed with remarkable empathy and so effortlessly engaging that viewers won't dare skip a beat.

The show is almost too adorable to be true. Based on a webcomic turned graphic novel by Alice Oseman, who also wrote the series, it follows Charlie Spring (Joe Locke), a sweet young teen who was outed the previous year but is now navigating his way as the only openly gay kid at an English all-boys high school.

He hangs out with Tao (William Gao) and Isaac (Tobie Donovan), however, they all miss Elle (Yasmin Finney), who moved to the nearby girls' school after coming out as transgender.

Charlie quickly develops feelings for Nick Nelson (Kit Connor), an older and sportier boy who appears to be everything Charlie isn't, but who may have more in common with him than they think.

Heartstopper Cast Sexuality: Gay, Trans, Lesbian or Straight!

As mentioned earlier, Netflix's teen rom-com, Heartstopper, is committed to portraying the LGBTQ+ community and those who must overcome several obstacles in order to be accepted by society.

Moreover, viewers are too obsessed with the show and seek more information about the show and its cast, especially about their sexuality. Let's find out if any of the cast members are gay, trans, or straight in real life.

Kit Connor

Many people believed Kit Connor (@kit.connor) was gay after Kit's brilliant portrayal of Nicholas 'Nick' Nelson in the British coming-of-age love drama, Heartstopper. As the novel progresses, Kit falls in love with Charlie, an openly homosexual student, and begins to display his connection with Charlie regardless of public opinion.

Despite acting in a number of gay-themed films, Connor has not publicly announced his sexual orientation in real life, unlike his character Nick. Thus, we can assume that Kit Connor is straight for now.

Joe Locke

When it comes to one of the most delicate subjects in today's culture, LGBTQ+ identification, and expression, Joe Locke (@joelocke03) is a highly outspoken man.

In Alice Oseman's graphic novel-based series, Heartstopper, Joe plays the role of Charlie Spring who is a timid and nerdy student who also happens to be the only openly homosexual student in an all-boys grammar school. Despite this, the actor has never talked openly about his sexuality in real life, making it hard to know whether Joe is gay.

The condition of Joe Locke's relationship is likewise unclear.

Sebastian Croft

Ben Hope, played by Sebastian Croft (@sebastiancroft), is Charlie's boyfriend at the beginning of the series, but their relationship is toxic.

Ben refuses to even greet Charlie in the corridor because he is afraid that his friends would find out about them, making Charlie feel neglected.

Just like Kit and Joe, Sebastian also has not revealed anything about his sexuality. However, some sources claim that he and Joe might be dating. We shall find it later when the actor himself confirms whether he is gay or straight.

Yasmin Finney

Elle Argent is a recurring character in Heartstopper, played by Yasmin Finney (@yazdemand). Tara Jones, Aled Last, Nick Nelson, Darcy Olsson, Charlie Spring, and Sahar Zahid are her best friends, and she is Tao Xu's girlfriend.

She is a trans girl who transferred to Harvey Greene Grammar School (Higgs) after being bullied by her classmates throughout her transformation.

Unlike other casts in the show, Yasmine is actually a trans girl in real life. Yasmine openly talks about her gender and her journey through Tiktok and Instagram.

Corinna Brown

Tara Jones, played by Corinna Brown (@itzz_cori), grew up with Nick in Heartstopper and was one of his earliest crushes, but she reunites with the entire crew after Elle pulls everyone together.

She's one of Elle's first friends at her new school, and she and her first girlfriend, Darcy, are beginning an exciting romantic adventure. Even tho she has a girlfriend and represents herself as a lesbian in the show, she is straight in real life.

William Gao

Tao Xu, played by William Gao (@will.gao_), is one of Charlie's closest pals and is extremely protective of him. When Nick begins spending time with Charlie, he is suspicious, fearing that he is taking advantage of Charlie's kind nature.

Tao is quickly worried by anything that threatens to undermine the friendship circle he cherishes, which includes a recently missing Elle and Isaac. Just like his character in the show, William Gao is straight in real life as well.

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