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Grace and Frankie: Barry’s Baby Wish and Drama With Brianna!

May 2, 2022 @ 8:14 EDT
Grace and Frankie: Barry’s Baby Wish and Drama With Brianna!

Netflix's Grace and Frankie also portrays the story of Barry and Brianna (Grace's daughter). Brianna is against getting engaged and having a baby. However, Barry gets approached by his friends to donate sperm for their baby which generates an argument between the couple. Follow the article to know about the couple's dissatisfaction in detail.

Grace and Frankie fans had to say their goodbyes to the popular comedy this week, as the last episodes aired on April 29, 2022. The last season of Netflix's longest-running original series, created by Marta Kauffman and Howard J. Morris, finished with a satisfactory ending. Part 2 of the season finale included a total of 12 episodes in which the characters said their farewell in the most loving manner.

Grace and Frankie on Netflix may be about best friends Grace and Frankie, but their families are just as vital to the story. Robert and Grace had two children, Brianna and Mallory before they went their separate ways. Brianna may appear difficult to love, yet she is still deserving of love, which is where Barry comes in. They met at work, and despite their differences, they complement each other.

Similarly, Brianna was forever against having a baby while Barry always wanted to become a guardian. At the same time, Barry was approached by his college friend to be the sperm donor for their child and the drama between them started.

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Grace and Frankie: Barry Wants a Baby But Brianna Denies!

In Netflix's comedy series, Barry is clearly the kinder and more patient of the two, whereas Brianna may come out as selfish and dominating. To be fair, Brianna's decision not to have a baby and not to marry is a legitimate and personal one.

Brianna has never kept Barry in the dark about her dislike for both, no matter how hard he attempted to dismiss her sentiments in this regard. In season 6, Barry has even blamed himself for hoping she would change her mind.

But, before that, Barry's college classmate Erin and her girlfriend, Liz, approached him and asked him to be the sperm donor for their baby. This could be Barry's only chance to start a family, so he wanted to take advantage of it. She criticized him for every step he made to help his friends, rather than recognizing his desire for children (as he did for her).

The question of guardianship was brought up as Barry prepared to give his sperm to his friends so they might establish a family. In the case that one of them died, Liz and Erin wanted Barry to be a guardian for their baby. He'd be known as Uncle Barry and would be as active with their child as he chose to be.

Brianna had no say in the matter, but she pushed Barry to consider being a potential guardian for their baby because the chances of two women dying young are low. She withdrew her support for his guardianship after learning that both ladies are daredevils who like taking risks.

Grace and Frankie: How Does The Show End For Barry and Brianna?

Brianna and Barry reunited in the last episodes of Grace and Frankie. Barry shuffled his life between Brianna and Molly, his newborn daughter.

Brianna understood they had encountered a hard spot in their relationship when she discovered the same, and the only alternatives left were to change immediately or depart. The two eventually split causing everyone to be unhappy for Barry.

However, after the split, Barry thrived, making Brianna realize that she was aimless without him and afraid of a fresh start. Mallory observed this and took Brianna's hand as she grieved. Tanneth threatened Mallory's job later, leading Brianna to come to her sister's help.

On the other hand, Mallory believed she was being sabotaged. She was dismissed soon after, and she ended up praising Brianna for it. They packed up her workplace and set out on their own with the intention of beginning a business together.

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