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Does Grace Die in Grace and Frankie? Season 7 Ending Explained!

May 3, 2022 @ 10:56 EDT
Does Grace Die in Grace and Frankie? Season 7 Ending Explained!

Viewers wonder if Grace dies at the end of Netflix's Grace and Frankie Season 7. Not only Grace, but both of the leading cast members die after an electrifying incident during a wedding. Agnes gets emotional about their bond and sends both of them back to earth. Follow the article to know how the show ended for both Grace and Frankie.

Netflix's Grace and Frankie season finale has arrived, and fans of the Netflix blockbuster comedy are both relieved and saddened about the end of the show. Grace & Frankie, which initially premiered on Netflix in 2015, immediately pulled at the hearts of millions of people.

The show follows Grace and Frankie, two rivals who become in an unusual relationship after experiencing a similar experience that only they can comprehend. They discover their husbands have been having affairs with each other.

Rather than retreating into themselves, Grace and Frankie learn that the greatest thing they can do for themselves depends on each other for emotional support as they deal with their heartbreaking condition. After seven fantastic seasons, Grace and Frankie has come to an end. Similarly, many viewers are curious to know if Grace dies in the end. Let's find out how the season ended for Grace.

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Grace and Frankie Ending Explained: Does Grace Die in the Season Finale of the Netflix Show?

The Season 7 ending of Grace and Frankie leaves viewers with the impression that one or both of the main characters are on their way to the afterlife. However, according to USA Today, there was never any possibility of Grace being killed off the show.

Marta Kauffman, the show's creator, explained:

We wanted everybody to be like, 'Oh my God, what's gonna happen to Frankie? And what's Grace gonna do if Frankie's no longer there?' We wanted all of those feelings, but we just didn't want to end on them. Killing off one of our main characters would undo the goodwill we've built up over the years. We love those two characters, and you don't want to even have to imagine one of them living without the other in a real way.

Marta made a wise decision in keeping Grace alive. Watching such a cherished figure go off at the end would have been an unnecessary tragedy. Talking about the finale episodes, Grace was disturbed by Frankie's eagerness to die. Frankie stated that she was terrified of being ill and unable to do the things that she enjoyed. Her frustration at not being able to complete her previous work was evident.

Grace's martini glass clashed with Frankie's microphone as she attempted to hug her friend, and sparks exploded. Both ladies collapsed onto the stage and awakened in a white emptiness surrounded by white couches and flowers. It appears that they died and went to paradise.

Even the promise of everlasting rest couldn't stop these two from fighting about being dead. A white door emerged, revealing the 9 to 5 reunion we've been anticipating since the show premiered. Agnes, played by Dolly Parton, is a working-class angel who hadn't been promoted in 250 years behind an acrylic desk.

Grace said that she'd made a mistake and that she needed to return, and Agnes agreed. Frankie's name was on the list to stay in paradise until her paperwork was marked for return. Grace realized this and maintained that she and Frankie couldn't do it alone, and Agnes told her that she'd be back in no time.

Frankie and Grace said their goodbyes and embraced one more time in a tear-jerking scene. Agnes cut them off in the middle of their tender moment to warn them that time was running short. Plus, she'd never suggest that they use the stamp on the right side of her desk to stamp Frankie's paperwork with return as well. However, Agnes let both of them return back to earth.

Grace and Frankie had only been asleep for a few seconds when they awoke in the same place. They had returned, and they were ready to move on. Grace and Frankie walked along the coast arm-in-arm as Aretha Franklin's You're All I Need to Get By played in the background as the series came to an end.

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