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Andrew Fuller from Is It Cake: Find the Winner on Instagram!

Mar 24, 2022 @ 2:39 EDT
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Andrew Fuller from Is It Cake: Find the Winner on Instagram!

Andrew Fuller from Is it Cake is the winner of the Netflix show, who is gaining popularity and his Instagram followers are increasing dramatically. The Iowa native, Andrew Fuller, who owns Sugar Freakshow bakery in Des Moines, is known for his creativity in baking realistic cakes, and with the end of Is it Cake, the baker has won the hearts of many people.

Netflix's new competitive series, Is it Cake? rose to prominence since its release. This American series has a total of eight episodes and is full of competitive bakers who work extremely hard to bake those cakes looking exactly the same as the real objects.

The competition is all about creating cakes, and the judges judge the contestants based on the appearance of the cakes they have baked.

Is it Cake? has nine contestants: Andrew Fuller, April Julian, Desiree  Salaverria, Hemu Basu, Jonny Manganello, Nina Charles, Sam Cade, Steve Weiss, and Justin Ellen, and the series had three judges in every new episode.

Apart from cast members and judges, there's a host, Mikey Day (is he gay?) provides proper guidance to the contestants throughout the show. The winner of the show, Andrew Fuller has gained immense popularity along with the grand prize, and now, the number of his Instagram followers has dramatically increased.

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Andrew Fuller, Winner of Is it Cake: Meet Him on Instagram!

Is it Cake? premiered on 18th March 2022 with a  total of eight episodes filled with skillful and creative bakers. Nine talented bakers were judged by three judges, and the series was hosted by, Mikey Day (@mikeyfuntime).

While the show was full of competitions, Andrew Fuller made it to being extraordinary among all the cast members and won the show.

Being the winner of Is it Cake? Andrew Fuller not only won the grand prize but this win also brought him immense exposure. He made it to win the show with his unique conch-shell challah bread and weathered leather suitcase cakes, which were literally out of the box, and this creativity won the hearts of all the judges, fellow contestants, and the audience. His unique perspective and rare thoughts made him to winning Is it Cake?

The green-haired Andrew Fuller revealed that he is into horror movies, and loves spooky stuff. He had developed a passion for art since he was young, was always indulged in the field related to art, and had been wanting to be a creator.

With the amalgamation of all these, in 2018, Andrew firstly made a realistic placenta for a nurse. At that time, more than appreciating his efforts, people yelled at him because the situation turned out to be frightening.

Andrew delivered the placenta cake to the hospital, and the cake looked too realistic that even the front desk person found it obnoxious, and berated Andrew.

Andrew believes that he had always been this weird since his dad passed away. He was just a small child when his dad passed away, and since then he lived with his grandmother, and maybe, his grandmother played a significant role in developing an interest in cakes, and cookies within Fuller.

During the last episode of Is it Cake?, Andrew Fuller was judged by Karamo Brown, a Queer Eye cast, and thus, Fuller won the first season of Is it Cake? Although we cannot deny the fact that the Iowa Native, Andrew was also a popular personality, his participation on Is it Cake? added a lot of lucrative into his professional field.

Moreover, many people supported him, and have followed him on his Instagram account. Unlike other people, Andrew's Instagram account is filled with cakes, and cookies rather than his own photos, and people follow him for his creativity.

What is Andrew Fuller from Is It Cake Doing Now?

The winner of Is it Cake?, Andrew Fuller is the owner of Sugar Freakshow in Des Moines, Iowa, and as of today, he is still making money from his bakery shop. Although he hasn't divulged his net worth, it is discernible that the baker makes a hefty net worth, and has been living a life filled with luxuries.

Talking about his love life, it seems like Andrew from Is It Cake is probably single, and is yet to find his ideal partner.

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