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All of Us Are Dead Cast & Characters: Instagram, Name, Age, Korean, Netflix!

Feb 1, 2022 @ 13:40 EST
All of Us Are Dead Cast & Characters: Instagram, Name, Age, Korean, Netflix!

The cast of the All of Us Are Dead included some of the most brilliant young South Korean actors, as well as established stars to portray the characters. For those already drawing parallels with The Squid Game, the drama features one of the show's breakout stars. Meanwhile, discover All of Us Are Dead cast's Instagram, name, and age.

The Netflix original Korean series, All of Us Are Dead, follows a group of high school kids as they struggle to survive a zombie outbreak that begins right in their own school.

It's breathed new life into the zombie genre by combining imaginative and thrilling action sequences with a cast of relatable and sympathetic characters.

All of Us Are Dead, adapted by writer Chun Sung-il from Joo Dong-Geun's webcomic Now at Our School, appears to be following in the pop-culture footsteps of Netflix's other huge Korean horror success, 2021's Squid Game.

Netflix released the show on January 28, 2022, and has been a global hit since its release.

Previously, we touched on a potential Season 2, Ms. Park, hambies, and Eun-ji.

All of Us Are Dead Cast & Characters on Netflix

Based on Joo Dong-Geun's renowned webtoon Now at Our School, the students at Hyosan High School have to figure out how to survive when their area is shut down.

All of Us Dead includes both the old and some new superstars. Here's what we know about All of Us Are Dead's cast.

Yoon Chan-young as Lee Cheong-san

One of the most interesting features of All Of Us Are Dead is Lee Cheong-san's connection with his neighbor and classmate On-jo, with the two often combating zombie armies together both inside and outside of Hyosan High School.

Cheong-san appears to be one of the most popular characters in Netflix's K-Drama, thanks to his enormously cheerful nature, even in the face of death.

Lee Cheong-san is played by Yoon Chan-young. Yoon Chan-young (@yooncy1) made his acting debut in 2013, and a year later, for his role in the drama Mama, he received the MBC Drama Award for Best Child Actor.

Since then, he's appeared in Dr. Romantic, Still 17, Doctor John, and Nobody Knows, among other films.

Park Ji-hu as Nam On-jo

Nam On-jo, Cheong-san's next-door neighbor and one of the more popular members of class 2-5, is the closest All Of Us Are Dead comes to having a main character in the first 12 episodes.

All Of Us Are Dead on Netflix focuses a lot on On-jo's survival strategies with her classmates while also portraying On-jo's father's attempts to save his beloved daughter.

Nam On-jo is played by Park Ji-hu. Park Ji-hu, an 18-year-old performer, is best known for her performance in the TK film House of Hummingbird.

Sweet Revenge 2 and Beautiful World are two other dramas in which she has appeared. She'll soon star alongside Kim Go-Eun in the upcoming drama Little Women.

Park Solomon as Lee Su-hyeok

If Cheong-san represents the softer side of Hysosan High, then Lee Su-hyeok is the mettle that keeps his classmates battling against All Of Us Are Dead's almost unstoppable zombie odds.

Su-hyeok, a former bully turned reformed student, is a skilled fighter who will come in useful as All Of Us Are Dead becomes more deadly.

Lee Su-hyeok is played by Park Solomon. Park Solomon, nicknamed Lomon, debuted in the dramas Bride of the Century and 4 Legendary Witches in 2014.

He's most known for his role as Ji-hoon in the 2017 film Sweet Revenge, and he also appeared in the Chinese series Lookism in 2019.

Cho Yi-Hyun As Choi Nam-Ra

Choi Nam-ra's performance in All Of Us Are Dead effectively captures the clever-yet-cold character. Nam-ra is a brilliant student, but her academic ability is overshadowed by her cold indifference to her classmates, even when many of them are eaten and blended into the series' zombie horde.

Choi Nam-ra is played by Cho Yi-Hyun. Since her 2017 debut, Cho Yi-Hyun has starred in a number of successful dramas and films, including both seasons of Hospital Playlist and the psychological thriller Metamorphosis.

She and Kim Yo-han recently won a KBS Drama Award for Best Couple for School 2021.

Ha Seung-Ri As Jang Ha-Ri

Jang Ha-ri, a senior at Hyosan High, wants to exploit her extraordinary archery abilities to get a scholarship to a prestigious sports university.

However, Ha-ri, along with several other archery trainees, finds up using her tremendous bowmanship to beat off waves of undead assailants.

Jang Ha-Ri is played by Ha Seung-Ri. In 1999, Ha Seung-ri made her acting debut in the SBS drama Trap of Youth. She was adored by the entire nation at the time for her role as the daughter of stars Shim Eun-ha and Lee Jong-won.

Yoo In-Soo As Yoon Gwi-Nam

Yoon Gwi-nam, a violent bully who cruelly harasses other Hyosan High students, is the most disliked character in All Of Us Are Dead.

Despite not being the ringleader of the bully circle at first, Gwi-nam quickly establishes himself as the show's primary antagonist (apart from the undead) when he demonstrates the sick depths to which he will go to defend his own skin.

Yoon Gwi-Nam is played by Yoo In-Soo. After Love Alarm season 1, Yoo In-Soo is back in a Netflix k-drama with All of Us Are Dead.

He's also appeared in Strong Woman Do Bong-soon, School 2017, My ID is Gangnam Beauty, and At a Distance, Spring is Green since his debut in 2017.

Lee Kyu-Hyung As Song Jae-Ik

As a detective at the Hyosan Police Station, Song Jae-ik's skepticism gradually turns to despair as he and his colleagues face the virus spread.

Song Jae-ik is played by Lee Kyu-Hyung, a legendary South Korean actor best known for his role as Yoo Han-yang in the tvN series Prison Playbook.

Kyu-Hyung (@290_83) is well-known in South Korea for his ability to play a wide range of characters and master a variety of mediums and projects, including musicals and web series.

Jeon Bae-Soo As Nam So-Ju

While heroism is certainly not in short supply across All Of Us Are Dead season 1's runtime, On-jo's father Nam So-ju stands head and shoulders above many of the series' other characters.

One of the major character arcs in All Of Us Are Dead is So-ju's fight to save his daughter and her peers as captain of the Hyosan Fire Station rescue team 1.

So-ju is played by Jeon Bae-soo, who is most known in the West for his harrowing performance in the Korean horror film The Wailing from 2016.

All Of Us Are Dead's Supporting Cast & Characters

Lee Yoo-mi as Lee Na-Yeon: Na-Yeon, a privileged student in Class 2-5, is regularly shown to be born with a golden spoon, which causes her to be singled out for ridicule by her peers.

Lee Yoo-mi has had a great two years, with her role as Ji-Yeong in Squid Game following closely behind her performance in All Of Us Are Dead.

Kim Bo-Yoon as Seo Hyo-ryung: Hyo-ryung is a student in Class 2-5 who is played by Kim Bo-Yoon, who began his acting career in 2020 with a supporting role in the South Korean horror film Hotel Lake.

Kim Joo-ah as Yoon I-sak: Yoon I-sak is a student in Class 2-5 and On-best jo's friend, played by Kim Joo-ah in her first certified role.

Son Sang-Yeon as Jang Woo-jin: Jang Woo Jin, a student in Class 2-5, is also Ha-ri's younger brother, whom she searches for during All Of Us Are Dead. Since his acting debut in 2016, Son Sang-Yeon has been in a number of live shows, television series, online series, and films.

Ham Sung-min as Han Gyeong-Su: Gyeong-Su, Cheong-san's close buddy and confidante, is a member of Hyosan High's class 2-5. Ham Sung-min, who is well known for his role as Lee Kang-min in the K-drama series Sweet Revenge, plays Gyeong-su.

Jin Ho-eun as Jung Min-jae: Jung Min-Jae, a second-year student and member of the school's archery club, assists Ha-ri in her quest for her younger brother. Jin Ho-eun portrays Min-Jae, and All Of Us Are Dead is the actor's first credited role.

Oh Hee-Joon as Son Myung-hwan: Myung-hwan, an older student who started the bullying at Hyosan High, is eventually replaced by the perhaps much more heartless Gwi-nam. Oh Hee-Joon, who has had a successful K-drama television career since 2013, plays Myung-hwan.

Kim Byung-Chul as Lee Byeong-chan: Byeong-chan, a reclusive science teacher, has emotional scars from his upbringing that are worsened as Hyosan High is engulfed in a zombie virus pandemic.

Kim Byung-Chul is most known for his role in the television series Sky Castle as Cha Min-hyuk.

Lee Min-goo as Lee Jin-Su: Jin-Su, a shy student, is revealed to be Byeong-chan's son, who was tormented repeatedly throughout his time at Hyosan High. Lee Min-goo's first officially acknowledged role is Jin-Su.

Bae Hae-sun as Park Eun-hee: Park Eun-hee, a member of the National Assembly who represents Hyosan, is a crucial figure in the region's efforts to contain and combat the fatal virus that has infected All Of Us Are Dead.

Bae Hae-sun, who has been in practically every type of Korean drama, including Hi Bye, Mama!, Hotel del Luna, and Don't Dare to Dream, plays Eun-hee.

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