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Why Does Ralph Macchio Walk On His Toes? Here Is What the Cobra Kai Cast Has to Explain!

Sep 13, 2022 @ 5:03 EDT
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Why Does Ralph Macchio Walk On His Toes? Here Is What the Cobra Kai Cast Has to Explain!

Ralph Macchio, one of the cast members of Netflix's Cobra Kai, sometimes walks on his toes to live the character of Johnny Cade from the movie titled The Outsiders. In the 1983 movie, director Francis Ford Coppola instructed him to do so as Johnny was a character who came from a really poor family and Francis wanted it to look realistic. However, Ralph did reveal that it was not fun to do so in the 2017 interview.

Since high school, Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) have been each other's adversaries. In a karate competition, Daniel won over Johnny, putting an end to their animosity. But that was thirty-four years ago in Karate Kid.

The plot is continued in the present day in Netflix's Cobra Kai. Over time, a lot has changed for the characters. While Daniel has achieved great success, Johnny's situation has changed. Their story is driven by this alteration in their financial status, which also enriches their characters through reflections on their environment. The series is fantastic in part because it has a little bit of everything; yes, there is a lot of karate and a terrific story, but there are also moments that will make you laugh, cry, and have mixed emotions in between.

Apart from the show, the Daniel LaRusso actor, Ralph Macchio, has been in the spotlight as he recently revealed that he frequently walks on his toes. However, many people really didn't get the point or the back story. As a result, they are curious to know why he does that. Well, we've got you covered. Here is why Ralph Macchio walks on his toes.

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Ralph Macchio Walks on His Toes to Live the Life of His Character in the 1983 Movie Titled 'The Outsiders': Here Is How the Cobra Kai Cast Explained His Experience!

Ralph Macchio (@ralph_macchio) walks on his toes as director Francis Ford Coppola once instructed him to live the character of his movie titled The Outsiders where the Cobra Kai cast played the role of Johnny Cade who hailed from a poor and violent family.

The 1983 film The Outsiders by Francis Ford Coppola toes the line between outstanding stylistic filmmaking and keeping the literary foundation it is based. This film, based on S.E. Hinton's classic 1967 novel of the same name, made use of era trends while keeping masterful narrative methods. This entailed establishing a true class system among the actors present on set to reflect the gap between the affluent 'Socs' and the 'greasers' groups of children in 1960s Oklahoma.

Hollywood legends gradually arose around Coppola's directing techniques. On the set of 1979's epic about the Vietnam War, Apocalypse Now, the director came dangerously close to losing his mind. This was largely due to the director's attempt to give each scene a hint of realism. His craft was largely left up to the actors in The Outsiders, with the instruction that they conduct their own original research to bring to life the frequently precarious lives of their characters.

Some of his research went too far for the then-20-year-old Ralph Macchio, who portrayed greaser Johnny Cade. The character played by Ralph in the movie comes from a low-income family that frequently engages in domestic violence.

Ponyboy Curtis (C. Thomas Howell), a fellow greaser, has a best buddy named Johnny who also shares Ponyboy's desire to leave their little town and live a better life someday. Despite the fact that both Johnny and Ponyboy are poor, their family dynamics are not as tight as those of Ponyboy's.

Ralph Macchio took to heart Francis Ford Coppola's advice to capture realism after reading the book when he was 12 years old. He mentioned how Coppola wanted him to understand what it was like to live in such dire circumstances, which required him to survive on just $4 for an entire day. In an interview with Parade Magazine in 2017, he explained,

I slept outside one night under newspapers just like Johnny did, and it was not fun. I developed a walk where his toes were pointed in a bit.

In the novel and movie, Johnny Cade is a more quiet and reflective character, which caused Ralph Macchio to separate himself from the other actors during the two-week rehearsal session prior to shooting (via Variety). Even if it was excessive, the result speaks for itself.

Additionally, Cobra Kai is currently streaming on Netflix.

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