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Inventing Anna: Who is Rachel Deloache Williams? Meet Actress Katie Lowes on Instagram!

Feb 18, 2022 @ 13:19 EST
Inventing Anna: Who is Rachel Deloache Williams? Meet Actress Katie Lowes on Instagram!

Real life Rachel Williams disagrees with the story of Anna Sorokin in Inventing Anna on Netflix. Know what Rachel Deloache Williams has to say about Inventing Anna, in addition to details of Vanity Fair. Also, know about actress Katie Lowes who is cast as Rachel in the Netflix series, including her Instagram.

The most popular Netflix program right now depicts one of history's most tragic friendship breakups. Inventing Anna is based on the famed "SoHo grifter" Anna Delvey.

Anna follows the con artist across New York, where she was found guilty of cheating banks, restaurants, and hotels (and stealing a private jet). Delvey's association with Rachel, a former magazine editor who Delvey saddled with a $60,000 bill for a Morocco holiday, is also depicted in the episode.

The new Netflix series, which premiered on Friday (February 11), portrays scammer Anna Sorokin, who is played by Ozark actor Julia Garner.

Rachel DeLoache Williams, who lost $62,000 (£45,554) to her old friend's frauds, is the author of the best-selling book My Friend Anna, which was released in 2019 and followed a Vanity Fair article.

Previously, we touched on filming locations, Anna Sorokin's boyfriend, Alan ReedVivian Kent, and Chase Sikorski.

Inventing Anna: Real-life Rachel Williams Criticizes ‘Dangerous Half-truths’

The blending of reality and fiction in Inventing Anna has been criticized by journalist Rachel DeLoache Williams. The Williams character, played by Katie Lowes, initially appears in episode six of the series, when the show follows the real-life Williams on a disastrous vacation with Anna Sorokin in 2017.

When Williams met Sorokin, she was working as a photojournalist for Vanity Fair. In a 2018 Vanity Fair article headlined My Bright-Lights Misadventure with a Magician of Manhattan, the writer detailed her journey to Marrakesh, as well as in her 2019 book, My Friend Anna. HBO has acquired the rights to Williams' narrative, with Girls star Lena Dunham attached to the project.

In a new interview with Vanity Fair, Williams, who was not engaged in the Netflix production and was scammed out of $62,000 by Sorokin, said:

“I think promoting this whole narrative and celebrating a sociopathic, narcissistic, proven criminal is wrong.” She added: “Having had a front-row seat for far too long, I’ve studied the way a con works more than anybody needs to. You watch the spectacle, but you’re not paying attention to what’s being marketed.”

Rachel claimed that the story is intended to generate empathy for a character who lacks it and that the project as a whole is problematic. Williams also said that the Netflix show blurs the lines between reality and fiction in a concerning way.

Williams said: “I think it’s worth exploring at what point a half-truth is more dangerous than a lie. That disclaimer gives the show enough credibility so that people can believe [the fictional elements] more easily. I think that’s really dangerous territory. Plus, it affected real-time criminal-justice proceedings.

Who plays Rachel, a Vanity Fair Employee, in Netflix's Limited series Inventing Anna?

Rachel, a supporting character played by actress Katie Lowes (@ktqlowes), is based on the real-life Rachel DeLoache Williams. According to Pop Sugar, Anna invited her on an all-expenses-paid trip to Marrakesh, Morocco, once their friendship was formed.

You'd definitely say yes if your new heiress BFF offered you a lavish North African vacation, wouldn't you? Rachel was astonished when she realized she had to cover the entire vacation because Anna's credit card had suddenly stopped working.

It was a $62,000 vacation when you include in the flights, lavish dinners, shopping expeditions, and the lovely villa they rented. According to DeLoache Williams of ABC News, the vacation cost more than her annual income.

Despite Anna's repeated assurances that she would soon repay Rachel for the extravagant Morocco vacation, Rachel's faith in her strange "wealthy" friend began to erode. "It was starting to eat at me. I am late with my rent, I'm late with my credit card payments," She clarified.

Anna, as you may expect, never paid her back. Rachel's credit card issuer, thankfully, forgave the majority of the bill.

If Katie Lowes looks familiar, it's because you're a fan of Shonda Rhimes' smash political thriller Scandal. Katie also acted opposite Evan Williams in the CBS holiday film Christmas Takes Flight in 2021 and voiced Becky in the animated musical Vivo in the same year.

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