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Welcome to Eden: Who Is Isaac? Ending Explained!

May 16, 2022 @ 9:28 EDT
Welcome to Eden: Who Is Isaac? Ending Explained!

Welcome to Eden (originally titled Bienvenidos an Edén) on Netflix introduces a young boy named Isaac who Zoa follows in the second episode. By the end of the show, we learn that he is a real boy with a healing ability. Reddit users seek more information on who actually the boy is. There have been many theories about Issac on the internet. However, here is what we think about who Isaac might be.

Welcome to Eden, a survival thriller starring Belinda, Amaia Aberasturi, and Amaia Salamanca, is one of the most popular Spanish series on Netflix, in which an island that appears to be a paradise turns out to be complete hell, despite the fact that its history is much more complicated than that, as the end of the plot reveals.

However, they are unaware that this island is not truly paradise. The visitors have no idea what to anticipate the next morning after having a great time at the party. Throughout the season, there are multiple murders, new relationships, a lot of drama and tension, unexpected turns, and lots of thrills and suspense. The show has captivated Netflix fans worldwide, who are eager to learn more about the true nature of Blue Eden and whether Zoa (Amaia Aberasturi) will ever leave the island.

On the other hand, Netflix viewers are confused as to who Isaac is. Isaac, first seen in Episode 2, is a small boy with magical abilities that few people on the island seem to be aware of. The appearance of Isaac on the Spanish show raises more questions than it answers. Well, here is everything we know about Isaac.

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Reddit: Who Is Isaac in Welcome to Eden on Netflix?

In the second episode of Welcome to Eden, Zoa sees a small kid after drinking the hallucinogenic Blue Eden drink, but when she tries to follow him, she loses him. Zoa is later told that the island has no children, therefore she is willing to think that she simply imagined him due to the beverage's effects.

However, by the second-to-last episode of Welcome to Eden, we know that the boy is real but that he may not be who he appears to be. Astrid takes injured Eden inhabitant Erik to Isaac, who appears to heal his wounds. However, the show does not reveal how he accomplishes this, or even who he is.

However, there is a sketch of Isaac, Erick, and Astrid together in his module. Despite the fact that no one else in the Eden cult is aware of him, the Eden cult appears to revolve around Isaac. Isaac is referenced for the first time in the episode, and it appears that he is Astrid and Erick's supervisor in the cult hierarchy.

Ultimately, things prove to be more convoluted than first assumed. Isaac has a good possibility of being Erick and Astrid's biological son. It makes no difference whether he is or is not. They intend to travel to the true Eden, implying that their sect believes the true paradise exists somewhere.

Though the show may be suppressing some crucial information, one interpretation of the signs provided is that Isaac's abilities have something to do with Blue Eden. Perhaps the drink gifted him with talents, or perhaps the fact that Astrid drank it while pregnant gave her child healing abilities. If Season 2 is approved, the specifics of what Blue Eden does or does not do will very certainly be revealed.

Why was Zoa informed that there were children on the island? There are only a few probable explanations. Maybe they don't think of Isaac as a child, but as a god (which would explain his greater status in the cult), or maybe they just didn't think Zoa was ready to learn about Isaac until she was a verified member of the organization.

Could there be other children on the island, each with their own powers, if the cult lied about Isaac? Could the cult be seeking to breed a race of super-powered offspring to construct a new Eden on Earth? We won't know until Season 2 begins production, but Isaac appears to be only the beginning of Eden's secrets.

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