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Where was Inventing Anna Filmed? Netflix Filming Locations Detailed!

Feb 19, 2022 @ 8:16 EST
Where was Inventing Anna Filmed? Netflix Filming Locations Detailed!

The majority of Inventing Anna was filmed in New York, which was Anna's home base while she schmoozed and mingled in the never-sleeping city. Netflix viewers wonder about Inventing Anna filming locations in Germany, Toronto, and Ohio.

Inventing Anna is an American drama streaming television miniseries written and produced by Shonda Rhimes, based on Jessica Pressler's New York magazine article How Anna Delvey Fooled New York's Party People. The series premiered on Netflix on February 11, 2022.

The new Netflix series, about the con artist Anna Sorokin (aka Anna Delvey), has a playful disclaimer that gives a lot of room for interpretation. It states, "This whole story is completely true. Except for all the parts that are totally made up."

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Where Was Inventing Anna Filmed?

Because it is set in New York, the majority of Inventing Anna was shot in New York. From Times Square to Bryant Park in Manhattan, there are images from all across the city.

External pictures of Church Missions House at 281 Park Avenue South, which Anna sought to develop into The Anna Delvey Foundation but is now home to the Fotografiska museum, are also significant.

The Snug Harbour Cultural Centre and Botanical Garden on Staten Island, where the first filming for Inventing Anna was discovered, was also used for filming.

Anna visited a number of hotels in New York in real life, the most notable of which being 11 Howard, where she met hotel concierge Neffatari Davis, played by Alexis Floyd (The Bold Type) in the Netflix drama. During her time as a fraudster, she also attacked The Mercer, The Beekman, W New York Union Square, and Le Meridien, racking up thousands of dollars in unpaid fees.

Inventing Anna films at a couple of these locations, adding to the character's and her world's believability. According to Untapped Cities, there were a few crucial substitutions, like the filming location of the Rikers Island sequences being Queens House of Detention in Kew Gardens.

According to the Independent, filming for Inventing Anna began in October 2019 and was delayed owing to lockdown, resulting in some additional sequences being shot in Los Angeles, California. Specifically, the Chateau Marmont, a celebrity hangout.

Morocco, including the Hotel La Mamounia in Marrakesh, is one of the most remote destinations. Rachel (based on IRL Rachel DeLoache Williams) is notable for being left with a $62,000 bill.

Inventing Anna Plot Summary

On November 20, 2017, a phony German heiress and suspected fraudster Anna Sorokin is arrested in Los Angeles and transported to New York, where Manhattan ADA Catherine McCaw accuses her of felony theft and white-collar offenses.

Todd Spodek, Anna's lawyer, requests bail, but the court denies the request and remands Anna to Rikers Island awaiting trial.

On the other side, Vivian Kent, a Manhattan Magazine feature writer & a pregnant mother, is hunting for one real story to clean up the scars on her journalism career. A few years ago, Vivian covered a story for her friend and co-editor, Paul, in which she highlighted Donovan Lamb, a young man who gained $80 million in the stock market.

Despite the fact that all of the sources confirmed the report, Vivian had her suspicions, and Paul ran the article without double-checking it. Later, it was revealed in a report that Donovan had never made so much money and claimed that Vivian had compelled him to lie.

As a result, Vivian is humiliated and labeled a worthless journalist because of a single error, so she attempts to recover her credibility by reporting Anna's story. Vivian approaches Anna and meets her at Rikers Island jail without her editors' knowledge, asking for an interview, which Anna flatly declines.

Meanwhile, Catherine McCaw offers Anna a guilty plea through Todd, in which Anna would get a four-year sentence and the matter will be immediately closed. If Anna accepts the plea agreement, it implies she agrees to the acquisitions and labels that have been forced on her, and Vivian will be left out of the tale.

As a result, in order to save her career, Vivian researches Anna's contacts and fabricates a tale to uncover Anna's flaws, which she then uses to persuade her. Vivian tells Anna that she would repair her reputation and make her famous by bringing her hustle to the entire globe.

Anna never did anything for the money; instead, she did it for the attention and respect she received from Vivian, and what Vivian delivered to Anna was everything she had ever desired. Anna, ironically, falls for the hook and refuses the plea deal, opting for a trial to protect her reputation.

Inventing Anna is currently streaming on Netflix.

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